It is time to figure out how this whole “B roll” footage works because I am about to put myself out there and start a mini sports blog.

Right in my neighborhood will be the home of the New York Jets training camp this summer 2012 at Cortland State. I’m getting the blog set up now to launch next monthC-State on

Since the Jets don’t pull in to town until August 2012, now is the perfect time to get the B Roll. (Lots of filler scenes to place between clips before the Jets take the field.)

Tip #1: Make a long list of what to capture. This is what some of my footage list looks like
• Upstate New York Scenery (cows in the country)
• Fans everywhere getting ready (Green EVERYWHERE! Restaurants, Gas Stations, Street Banners)
• Grounds and maintenance crews getting ready at Cortland State!

CowsTip #2: While you are out there, have a digital still camera with you too. This way, you can have not only video, but pictures too post on your blog too, or to insert into your video. Already getting my B Roll Started! I got some beautiful pictures and funny ones too of the cows, and pictures of the field at Cortland State.

Tip #3: Put your own voiceovers to your clips. I found when getting my first set of B Roll that I was grabbing way too many clips of the same thing. Cows are funny, but one cow chewing looks a lot like another cow chewing. So my next time out, I added a quick voice log like “take 1 scene of cow chewing” in each clip, so I could cut my editing time in half.

Tip #4: Like anything, really have fun with what you are doing. Have a purpose for what you’re creating. For this blog, I got a tadC-State2 bit excited when I heard the headline news, that Tim Tebow had been signed to the Jets; instant Timsanity. He’s going to bring in a lot more fans, especially kids, to the sidelines of training camp. I plan on being there, to capture some cool moments. Joey, one of the groundskeepers at Cortland State said “About 3,000 fans surround the campus daily, and with Tebow coming it’s going to be a zoo!”  He also said they are already getting the fields ready and the Jets will send up their own crew about a month before in July.

It’s going to be important for me to know the purpose of my B Roll. That being, to capture the whole feel of the townspeople around town, and the atmosphere at Cortland State. The whole feel of how everybody comes together to welcome the Jets. It’s going to be so much cooler when the Jets are on the field and the fans are along the gate!

JordanWorkingJordan Rice is a junior in High School in upstate New York. She is a member of the National Honor Society, a member of Cortland County Youth Leadership, Co-Captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad, part of the Rotary Youth Leadership, a member of drama club where she acts in school plays, and treasurer of French club.

She is Editor of her school’s district newspaper The Lion's Roar sent to 1,900 readers. Jordan has been published in 2011 and 2012 in the Syracuse Post Standard for Student Voices. Some School Video News blogs include stories with the New York Giants, Orange County Choppers, Ironman 70.3, and Courtside to Get the Shot at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. Jordan hopes to attend college to pursue a career in sports journalism.