Jordan00The national GLEE Give A Note video contest I told you about in my December 2011 story, has come to a conclusion, and the results have been announced.

Our school ended up winning a 2nd place and $10,000 for our school’s music program!
Being a small school (632 kids, one building, all ages K-12), it took a lot of work to win 2nd place, but it was all good. We got the word out through Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, and just asking people all around to get their vote.  At sports events nearby, we would hand out “please vote” cards, and most people would say “already voting”. The majority of the kids from our school, like the athletes or others not even in the music program would be voting every day, again all good. By simply just asking people for their vote, we were able to get people from over 10 different states to logon! How awesome is that! So, here’s tip #1: don’t be afraid to ask people to help you with something, most if not all people will say sure!

Here’s another tip: when entering contests, always try to think of ways to make your entry stand out from the rest. To make our video different from the rest, we added ajordan04 snake bit. That was the snake I was afraid to film, you have to imagine it because it weighed 40 lbs. My sister Joely danced with the albino around her neck while Dan The Snake Man kept us right in his sight.  It was to give our video an exotic twist, and to get the judges to remember our video over others.   Even if it could be an embarrassing moment if others thought you were over the top and didn’t get the win, we took that chance.  Brittney did it!

After the results were announced, within seconds, the Facebook News Feed was blown up by people spreading the word congratulating Cincinnatus for the 2nd place win! Kids would even find ways to post and text about it during school hours which is totally against handbook rules. No one got in trouble (I did it too).  Everyone seemed to really want to be involved in something like this (bigger than the local stuff). The school maintenance guys even sported plastic suites for us to film the red slushy part, no one got wet, and no one got hurt.

Even though Cincinnatus was most likely the smallest school that entered the contest, that doesn’t mean it would stop us from trying our hardest to make every effort to win the contest.  Final tip: just because you are from a small school in the boonies, it shouldn’t stop you from doing anything.  More people notice and want to do all that they can to help the underdogs. You just can’t be afraid to try.

Watch the Cincinnatus Video by clicking here.


JordanWorkingJordan Rice is a junior in High School in upstate New York. She is a member of the National Honor Society, a member of Cortland County Youth Leadership, Co-Captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad, part of the Rotary Youth Leadership, a member of drama club where she acts in school plays, and treasurer of French club.

She is Editor of her school’s district newspaper The Lion's Roar sent to 1,900 readers. Jordan has been published in 2011 and 2012 in the Syracuse Post Standard for Student Voices. Some School Video News blogs include stories with the New York Giants, Orange County Choppers, Ironman 70.3, and Courtside to Get the Shot at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. Jordan hopes to attend college to pursue a career in sports journalism.