Representatives from Harrison High School’s broadcast teams took time out of their summer vacation to learn from the pros at WSB-TV on Friday, July 8th.

Bill Phelps, the Audio Video Technology & Film Instructor, works with his contacts at WSB-TV, Director of Community Affairs, Jocelyn Dorsey and the People 2 People Producer, Myrna Brown to coordinate a small group of students consisting of producers, directors and students seriously considering the broadcast industry as a career, to come and get an up close and personal look at what Harrison’s broadcast programs are looking to emulate.

GroupShot 750l-r Lindsey Dennis, Natalie Dennis, Bill Phelps, Angelika Marczewska, Linda Stouffer, Ellie Smith, Becky Koon, Sydney Wease

“I’m blessed to be working with a number of industry professionals who are just as motivated to properly prepare the students for college and career as I am.” said Phelps. WSB-TV Community Affairs show, People 2 People, records their show on Fridays and this allows our student crew leaders to see how the show is put together, how they tell their stories and how to fix problems as they arise. The students were amazed at how similar the processes were and how they had some last minute issues to overcome as well. 

The students were present for the last minute editing of segments and preparation for the show. They then were divided into two groups with half watching the People 2 People showIMG 1539 375 taping from the studio floor and the other half from the control room. After about half the show taping the groups switched locations. The studio group watched People 2 People host, Linda Stouffer read through her script as the floor director continuously re-set the cameras and guide Ms. Stouffer and Jocelyn Dorsey through their segments. The control room group watched and listened to the Producer Myrna Brown follow along with the show rundown and the Director/Technical Director, James Reed, making sure all the show assets are loaded and ready to go.

IMG 1538 375After the show taping, Jocelyn Dorsey met with the students along with the interns to talk about her history in broadcasting and the skills she has had to learn along the way. Dorsey walked the students through the process from story ideas to producing the segments to delivering the show on air and on social media. She stressed the importance of learning how to do all aspects of telling the story from writing to filming to editing to delivering the story – what the industry is now referring to as “Multi-platform Journalism”. One of key items of the process – is that of telling the story. When asked what People 2 People looks for in a segment: she replied something new and of interest to the audience. To put it into perspective, Dorsey shared: “Dog bites man” is not news, “Man bites dog” IS!”

When asked what they thought of the late summer field trip, Sophomore and HARRISON TODAY talent and prospective Producer, Sydney Wease said, “I liked seeing the (broadcast recording) happen. I thought it was they found the news stories that they use.”