The Guerrilla Guide To Moviemaking, Moviemaking 101/201 library of curriculum materials teaches the fundamentals of moviemaking.  The Moviemaking 101 movie library focuses on the general aspects of moviemaking while the Moviemaking 201 library tutors advanced students on the more technical aspects of moviemaking.


This Moviemaking 201 lesson deals with an issue that is always a challenge when creating an image, controlling light ratios. Controlling light is the key to a better looking image.

Ratios refers to the exposure range from the brightest part of the image to the darkest part of the image. Typically a ratio is measured as an f-stop. But there are also other methods used to determine the ratios of an image. Knowing how to use those methods to control light ratios is a powerful tool.

This lesson will demonstrate how to evaluate an image and show ways to create a pleasing ratio within an image.

The lessons and exercises included with the program inspire creativity as students learn to apply moviemaking fundamentals to create more powerful messages. The Controlling Light Ratios lesson and a student handout will be added to the Moviemaking 101/201 library of curriculum materials available at

Click the screen below to play the movie for the assignment.