The Guerrilla Guide To Moviemaking, Moviemaking 101/201 library of curriculum materials teach the fundamentals of moviemaking as well as demonstrate how to creatively use everyday items to add production value to any video.

Learning how to control light is the secret to shooting a beautiful image.

The grip department is not only very knowledgable about how to rig equipment, it is also very crafty. When a gaffer asks for a chimera for a light and there is no chimera in the lighting package—the grip department swings into action to build a soft box.

A soft box is no more than sheets of foam core taped together and a sheet of diffusion material. But the results can be dramatic. A soft box controls a hard light source that would normally be broad and bright, and changes it to a soft light directed at the subject.

This lesson demonstrates how to build a soft box and shows how different types of lights can be used to create better images.

The lessons and exercises included with the library of curriculum materials teach moviemaking skills that inspire creativity as students apply those fundamentals to create more powerful messages. This lesson will be added to the library of exercises in the Moviemaking 101/201 library of curriculum materials available at

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