The Guerrilla Guide To Moviemaking, Moviemaking 101/201 curriculum teaches the fundamentals of filmmaking.

The exercises included in the curriculum inspire creativity as students learn to apply those fundamentals to create more powerful messages.

The Power of Emotion Exercise challenges student’s to create an emotional story using only close-ups and a sound track with no dialog. This exercise is designed to teach students that often times a series of short scenes is more interesting to watch and communicates an idea more effectively and dramatically than one long scene. The use of only close-ups and the short time frame (:60 max) makes students focus on the essential elements of the story, and emphasizes the importance of the sound track (music and sound effects) to create the mood for the video. The editing, lighting, camera and sound techniques and concepts presented in the Moviemaking 101/201 curriculum will guide students as they organize their idea and creatively execute their vision.

Play the movie for the assignment. This exercise will be added to the library of exercises in the Moviemaking 101/201 curriculum available at