The Morning News

This special issue is structured to guide students and instructors through four major components of producing a school news broadcast: Interviewing, Broadcast Journalism (including important articles on ethics and copyright), On-Air, and Production.

Journalism and Television Production instructors and students can use the categories in whatever order works best for their individual programs.  Also includes student-produced examples.

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Sports Broadcasting

This special issue covers the planning, pre-production and set-up, the production and post-production that goes with producing quality sports production in a high school environment.

Anchoring/Play-by-Play: Good anchoring and good delivery brings out the best in the writing, photography and production.

Reporting / Writing: Combining words, video and sound into a coherent whole makes the broadcast story different from a print story.

Production and Broadcast: The basics you need to plan and produce quality broadcasts for your school or athletic department

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Student Filmmaking

SVN Student Filmmaking is a new, free companion site to School Video News which showcases student-produced films and the students who created them. SVN Student Filmmaking also includes articles on all aspects of student film production including cinematography, audio, lighting, set design, as well as resource listings for film schools, workshops, books, film festivals, and web links.

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Launched in 2010, SVN-TV provides teachers and students with a safe, moderated video site for student-produced videos. In addition, SVN-TV provides a library of tutorials on all aspects of TV production.

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