Ladue Horton High School honors 5 seniors by enshrining them into the hallowed halls of the LHS-TV Hall of Fame.



Joe Anton – Joe grew and developed into one of our best editors and morning news directors. Joe created the Show Opening for LADUE VIEW that we have used all year. Joe also quickly became and sustained the role of leader in class, assisting and mentoring students.

Melanie Bryan – When Melanie came into her first broadcasting class, I was told she was so shy; she had a hard time even ordering a pizza over the phone. Since that time, Melanie developed into one of the best female anchors for our morning newscast and for Ladue View. She became Ladue View’s best scriptwriter, and an overall leader to all students in the class.

Libby Genz - Libby is a leader and mentor within the class to other inexperienced and experienced students. Libby broke ground for our broadcasting program by:

• Producing the student tribute video - Death of Sameer
• Producing a 25 minute, full length documentary - Gameday
• Successfully anchoring our LHS Morning News show for 3 years
• Acting as our first live onsite sports reporter working in collaboration with
• Assisted in the directing of our inaugural endeavor of producing a district television program, LADUE SCHOOLS TODAY
• And I’m proud to announce today, that Libby has been nominated as a candidate for the Student Television Network Student of the Year.

Dena Goldstein – The kids always hear me say that the work they do goes beyond the walls in which they produce it. Dena is the shining example of this philosophy. Dena blazed a trail for which LHS-TV will continue to produce projects, by partnering with local community, non-for-profit groups. Dena devoted her extra time and her immeasurable enthusiasm and talent to create one of the best videos I have ever been a part of as a teacher – her tribute video for the Mother-to-Mother organization.

Alex Schupp – Alex is another trailblazer. Alex’s creativity and marketing skills produced entertaining, high quality, commercials and commercial bumpers. Alex recently created a promotion to gain more student viewers during Academic Lab, by holding a trivia contest during our commercial breaks. We have never received so much positive feedback about a show as we did after Alex’s promotion. Alex also became one of Ladue View’s best editors, and most dedicated quality assurance voices. To Alex, the show HAD to be great. His devotion to our show is 2nd to none.

Congratulations to you all. And to your parents, thank you for allowing your children the freedom to explore this medium. We will forever be proud to know your sons and daughters.

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