The TV/Multimedia program completed their first episode of CMC Spotlight on September 22, 2015.

The CMC Spotlight Show is a student produced show that features all aspects of high school sports. Collaborating with FCPS Supervisor of Athletics and Extracurricular Activities, Kevin Kendro - CMC Spotlight was born. This is not the first collaboration between FCPS Athletics and the TV/Multimedia program. Last year, these organizations collaborated to create a Sportsmanship video that is now being shown all over Frederick County and throughout the state. Kendro shared ,"The sportsmanship video is being shown all over the county and state during back to school nights, recruitment nights, and school assemblies."

Kendro's work with TV/Multimedia student Garrison Irwin forged a relationship that has now grown bigger. Garrison Irwin, director of the CMC Spotlight has taken the idea ofspotlight01-400 a high school sports show and made it reality: "The idea was really challenging, but with the help and support of my class and classmates, we were able to produce a great show." Directing a show is no small task. Irwin made arrangements to have logos created, graphics made, set designed, talent trained, and ideas synthesized. The next big step was to find a host of the show; Arielle Koselak gracefully filled the role. "I am both an athlete and fan of sports, so when Mr. Frank and Garrison came to me with this opportunity, I was thrilled", Koselak explained.

Koselak's journey was not easy as she had to learn to talk under lights and read the teleprompter. "I was very nervous at first", she expressed, "I spent lots of time researching questions and practicing to make the show perfect."

The show started off with a bang with over 400 views on YouTube in the first addition. CMC Spotlight is a weekly show that airs on YouTube and is released every Tuesday. For more information on the show, check out CMC Spotlight at If you have any questions, you can submit them at [email protected]

GeorgeHeadshot-175Georges Friedli is a senior at Governor Thomas Johnson high school and has participated in the TV/Multimedia program for his second year at the Frederick County Career and Technology Center. He is currently in the senior club, ROTC program, orienteering team, and plans to do indoor and outdoor track for the winter and spring seasons. His future plans include attending a 4-year university pursuing broadcasting, athletic training, and chemical engineering.


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