Parents often wonder what their children really think about their relationship. How could we capsulate what children really need from their parents into sound bites?

This was the assignment for my TV 1,2 and 3 classes, to come up with sound bites that speak to what they want out of their relationship with their parents or guardians. We formed work groups to come up with one line statements and the result was stunning. They were so open and honest that it proved a real eye opener for me as their teacher. I thought we were really on to something.

Students broke into production groups, assigned roles, auditioned for the on screen speaking roles and began choosing locations. The setup they choose was that actors would be in casual locations; out of the scene one actor would look toward the camera and deliver the line.

Some examples of the sound bites were:
“I need to know you love me every day.”
“I need you to help me make good decisions and be understanding if I don’t.”
“Its good to come home to a hug after a hard day.”
“Smile at me when I come home, it really lifts my day.”
“Even if I act like I don’t like them, you questions show me you care.”

“I want you to be proud of me.”
“I want you to accept me for who I am.”
“The things you’ve taught me, I’ll never forget.”
“I really do appreciate all the things you do for me.”

The PSA’s were assembled as vignettes with a text screen at the end saying: “Get involved in your children’s lives, you don’t know what you’re missing.” The students were very proud of their final work and were most concerned about explaining to their specific parent that they were “acting” in the scene and their part did not necessarily reflect their specific relationship. All the parents understood and readily signed the necessary talent releases so we could share their work to a wider audience.

I had a relationship with the community relations person at WDBJ7, the local CBS affiliate and I called him to inquire if it was possible for us to submit these for possible airing. He said he wanted to see them and we uploaded the spots to their server.

He was really impressed with the quality and message of the spots and was happy to have locally produced content especially with such an important message. He loved them. We currently have a total of 6 PSA’s airing and students are constantly hearing from peers and people in the community who see the spots. This has caught on and other schools are starting to produce content for broadcast.

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