Here’s how.

At the hardware store, find an igloo-type cooler that the camera will fit into, a can of spray foam insulation (the kind that hardens.) and a new utility knife.


Thoroughly wrap your camera in a plastic bag. Tape down all the loose edges so it is a tight package. If you have room, you might want to do the same for accessories such as the charger, extra batteries, etc. Make sure all are wrapped tightly.

Spray the bottom of the cooler several inches thick. Allow it to moderately harden and place your camera in on it. Gently push down to make an impression for about ¼ of the thickness of the camera. Let the insulation fully harden.

Take a piece of ¼” plywood or Masonite and cut a hole in it that your camera will fit into and then cut the outside so it will fit on top of the foam around your camera. The idea is for you to create a rectangular “donut” with the “hole” the size of the camera. Drill a hole through two opposite sides of the plywood and take a heavy piece of cord and stick it thru each hole and tie a knot in it to keep it from pulling out. The loop will function as a handle to remove the top piece of foam insulation that we haven’t made yet.

Now spray more insulation in effect “burying” your camera. Completely cover the camera and the inside of the cooler. Make certain that you have pulled the “handle” higher than the foam. Now let the top piece of foam harden. The plywood separator will keep the “top” from attaching to the “bottom” foam. The plywood actually becomes the sturdy bottom of the top piece of foam and the plastic wrapping the camera protects the camera.

After the top hardens, you will be able to lift the top foam out using the handle. Pull it out gently and evenly. It will “stick” a bit to the plastic covering the camera inside the mold. When the top is finally off, reach in and gently pull your plastic-wrapped camera out of the bottom “mold.” Remove the plastic from your camera and accessories and using your fingers or a utility knife, you can shave and trim up any loose piece of insulation making a smooth mold for both the top and bottom of your equipment.

Voila! You have made a rigid carrying case for the safe transport of your camera!