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Graduation. For some video teachers, it is a complete nightmare.

I was one of those several years ago. I would literally spend three or four days prepping for graduation. I had three to produce each year but I still spent way too much time fretting over an hour long show. Seriously, don’t fret about graduation.

Ok. I know. It’s a big deal for your students, colleagues, superiors, and the community but it’s just another show. Just like every lesson you have done all year, like every other show you’ve done all year…. Plan and execute.

Here are the basics that you need to cover.

1) Camera
You only need one camera. If all else fails, make sure you have one camera with a tripod and a couple of memory cards. If you have that, you can at least capture the event. While having 3 or 4 cameras is optimal. If you have one, you can make something happen.

2) Audio
Talk with the people doing audio for your event the minute you walk into the area of the event. (actually, if you can talk with them before, it’s even better!) Find a way to get audio. If you have a live broadcast, get it to your production area. If you are going to edit in post, get it however you can! If you have to use an external recorder and match audio in post, the current NLEs make that super easy. Just get good audio!

6 10Image3) Connection
If you are streaming, HAVE A PLAN FOR INTERNET and test it! If at all possible, get a wired connection. Remember that this is the biggest event of the year for your community and they are all going to be there. They are all probably going to have at least 1 device pulling wifi or cellular connection. You are probably going to test early in the day without the thousands of data suckers in the venue.

How will I handle the internet? Teradek VidiuGo. I have been working with the guys a Teradek for a while now and this will be one of the biggest tests of their products with an expected 3,000 people packed into our stadium. Wifi is not an option because of the construction of a new school just behind the stadium so cellular is the only option for this one.