Dear Sir or Madam:

I teach a two-year course in Television Broadcasting at ___________________________________ School in _________________________. The class meets five times each week, with each session spanning 90 minutes. Course modules include scriptwriting, producing, directing, camerawork, light design, broadcast journalism,  make-up design, acting, floor management, audio and video engineering, editing, and technical directing.   A great deal of volunteer, extracurricular production is accomplished in addition to ENG/EFP situations.

Most of my students are interested in pursuing a career in the field of television production and/or broadcast journalism, and  therefore, wish to attend a post-secondary institution to further their studies before entering the workforce. In order to help guide students in choosing which schools are right for them, I ask them to send out this questionnaire. Please complete the enclosed questionnaire and send it back to the return address noted on the envelope. Include any brochures or catalogs that may be appropriate.

Thank you for your cooperation,




College Survey Form


Name of College or University:
Name, title, and telephone number of contact person:
What type of degree programs do you offer? (AA, BA, BS, MA, MFA, MS, PHD, other)
In which production-related fields are degrees offered? (Cinema, Television Production, Professional Writing, Broadcast Journalism, Communications, Telecommunications, Television Broadcasting, Radio Broadcasting, Radio/TV, other)
How many students are currently in the undergraduate program?
How many students are currently in the graduate program?
What are the requirements for program admission?
What financial aid programs are available?