During the 2019 StreamGeeks Summit, a three-versus-three RocketLeague esports tournament took place.

The event was live-streamed by a student-run team from New York City’s S.A.R High School and broadcast to Twitch. The student-run broadcast team used a Wirecast Gear video production system, which was connected to three PTZOptics cameras via SDI and seven gaming computers using NDI. The main PTZOptics camera was a 12X ZCam connected via SDI. This camera was used to capture the play-by-play announcer team from Hofstra University. Students from the S.A.R High School also had access to two PTZOptics 20X-SDI cameras they could remotely control using Wirecast and Xbox controllers to capture various views throughout the esports tournament.

The gaming computers were provided by Helix Esports, and each computer was used to run OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to capture the RocketLeague game play. OBS was used to create a picture-in-picture output with a webcam source from PTZOptics webcams plugged into each computer via USB. OBS is able to output an NDI IP video feed for each computer it is running on which it is then able to be pulled into Wirecast as additional sources over the LAN. In a similar way, the observer PC, used to view gameplay from each player in the RocketLeague tournament, was captured via NDI and OBS. The observer PC was used by the play-by-play announcer and the student run broadcast as a source for viewing the gameplay at large. The production system allowed the S.A.R High School students the ability to create a dynamic esports video production using a mix of gameplay screens, player webcams, and PTZOptics cameras in the space.

Esports Live Tournament 350

Broadcasting Esports

Easy Tech Setup: Each computer is already connected to the LAN (local area network) for gameplay. Adding an NDI output allows the production system to easily capture the gameplay for broadcast.

Play by Play: The student-run production is able to switch between multiple screens of gameplay and real cameras with the play-by-play announcer audio played throughout.

Remote Camera Controls: Students can work in teams to remotely control PTZ cameras with Wirecast or an Xbox controller using NDI Studio Monitor.

Setup Details

PTZOptics SDI Cameras PTZOptics pan, tilt, zoom, streaming cameras at 1080p. Designed with SDI, HDMI, and IP outputs. Power and control your camera over IP.

Wirecast Wirecast offers live streaming production software and hardware. It allows you to live stream, record, and output video.

OBS Studio Open Broadcaster Software is the most popular, free, open source production software available. Stream, record, and control cameras with OBS.

Live streaming esports tournaments can provide students with real-world video production experience. The students at the S.A.R High School live stream school sports regularly.

Access more info on the cameras, raw test footage, and more case studies for education on our website. Access the test footage here: https://ptzoptics.com/landing/test-footage.html


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