The video streaming experts at Eduvision led the way to be the power-platform backbone for GrandStadium, the Minnesota High School League (AKA: MSHSL) and Hubbard Television’s Channel 45 productions.

Since Eduvision is much more than simply being an outstanding, easy to use and totally safe video management platform, it has been the stream-broadcast backbone of thousands of hours of top quality high school sports games for the MSHSL for over a decade.

The Eduvision/Grand Stadium/MSHSL partnership link goes even deeper than that because in order to produce these top-quality sports broadcasts, it also trains regular high school2016 Football 400 students to perform every conceivable production role needed in order to deliver these broadcasts.

Students lead all facets of the production, and they’re fully trained to perform the role of camera operation, sound recording, vision mixing, directing, producing, TX broadcast stream management, client liaison, and on-screen talent.

High school students from all over the state of Minnesota were very soon making themselves at home in some of the most prestigious sports venues in the country, including the Xcel Energy Center and the U.S. Bank Stadium, which is the new home of the Minnesota Vikings!

This level of experience not only gives students a huge boost to their regular media training curriculum, it also more authentically immerses them in a real-world work environment to simulate some of the challenges they will face if they pursue it as a career after leaving school.

In addition to this, the experience and training they receive from seasoned TV professionals is so demanding and thorough, that many students are able to leave school with a very attractive ‘employment curriculum vitae’ already in hand. Naturally this is a huge boost in helping them jump to the front of any potential employment interview line.

Underlying everything is the Eduvision video management and streaming platform, the very same platform that any educator reading this now can experience with a free, full-function 30-day trial. One of the strengths of the Eduvision platform is ‘layered’ simplicity, which allows new users to only use as much as they need to suit their comfort level, and their end-purpose.

IMG 0623 400x267 400Even relatively new users of the Eduvision platform often report that they find it easy to progress into bigger and more exciting uses of the system. Often this begins with forming a chain of broadcast-employment framework, with the teacher being the ‘executive producer’ and with students being ‘associate producers’ to deliver video productions for approval by the executive producer’ before it is made live to others to view.

Teachers almost always report that this is one of the best-loved features of the system, because no student can broadcast inappropriate content because there is always an upward-chain of approval to get through.

Once programs have been uploaded, then it’s easy to share them with control so that only the people you want to view them, can view them. This syndication feature works in a similar way to how syndication works in the real-TV world. The only difference is that with the Eduvision platform, it’s much easier and the educator is always in control.
Streaming live video is usually the next step that Eduvision platform users take. This is a simple process that can be extremely rewarding because it allows you and your students to share special events at your school with relatives and friends all over the world.

Try the Eduvision platform for yourself and I’m convinced that you’ll not only soon grow to love it, you’ll also begin having too much fun with your own TV studio in a box and with your very own TV crew that you have around you – your students!

Brianandcamera500x375Brian Sterling-Vete spent over a decade with BBC TV news, he’s a British author, Guinness World Record Holder, and film maker. He has worked extensively on both sides of camera, and even worked as a stunt performer for several years.

In addition, Brian also uses the skills he learned while he was with BBC TV News, to coach leadership and celebrities how to stay safe if they’re faced with a crisis, and a subsequent media attack.

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