IBC wrapped up a couple of weeks ago in Amsterdam but not before there were some major announcements and new product reveals that could bring some to their knees.

IBC is self proclaimed as the world’s most influential media, entertainment, and technology show. I do have to admit that I get excited every year when it comes around. It is a reminder for me that NAB is about 6 months away.


I was asked over the summer why I stay so deep in the new stuff. Simply, because the new equipment and software offers new opportunities for me to do different things with my students. Think about it, before Adobe offered Character Animator, you had to spend hours keyframing just the mouth of an animated character much less the eyes, eyebrows, etc. New releases often offer new opportunities and this year at IBC was no different.

BMD Goes Mini For A Big Win For Live Streamers

I love trying to guess what Blackmagic Design is going to do next. I wish I wrote down my guess for this year because I would have been pretty close to right. With the release of the ATEM Mini, I believe that Blackmagic Design put themselves in the forefront of the industry by creating an easy to deploy, feature rich product that will help educators all over the world. The ATEM Mini is a 4 HDMI input switcher with both USB and HDMI outputs. BMD says the ATEM Mini is designed for YouTube streaming. You have a selection of DVE effects including picture-in-picture and a ton of transitions. Just as in the past, you can connect to a computer and manage the ATEM Mini using the ATEM Software Control.

There are some things that raise an eyebrow about the ATEM Mini but I really think they are not as big a deal as you think. For example, a couple of people I have talked with about it are concerned with the lack of a multiview or preview ability. I don’t see the ATEM Mini as something you need that for. The ATEM Mini is a simple answer for the VLOG or Video game streamer. I don’t see this being something to have at many sporting events - though I am super excited to have it at mine in the future. (My camera ops have specific shots that they keep so I know that if I go to Camera 1 during football it’s the game camera and Camera 2 is going to be a tight shot from the running backs to the linebacker...I don’t need a preview screen.)

ATEM Mini01

With the ATEM Mini, you are a couple of cameras, microphones, and a laptop away from a high quality live stream and for a fraction of what you are thinking… Remember this is a 4 camera switcher with full audio control and multiple DVE effects that has USB and HDMI output. Did I mention that each camera has a full HD scaler built in? (read as: it doesn’t matter what camera you connect, it’s going to look great.) All for less than $300! Seriously… $295 is the retail price. If you are doing and production in the field, you should seriously consider.

For a more in-depth look at the new Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini, CLICK HERE