Find out how high schools, independent producers, and even professional leagues like the NWHL are enhancing their hockey livestreams with SuiteCG.

SuiteCG's latest release includes official support for ice hockey. The user interface allows for tracking goals, with automated goal animations in the free, NDI-enabled graphics package, as well as Shots on Goal, Saves, and Faceoffs Won. Players on Ice, Powerplays, and Delayed Penalties are all controlled with a few easy-access buttons. There is even an indicator for Empty Net!


As with all of SuiteCG's free NDI graphics packages, you're treated to matchup and intermission graphics, full screen stats and sponsors, keys to the game, and more to give your livestreams a little extra sizzle.

Seems complicated? One user has his 12-year old son running SuiteCG for his football livestreams and many others place kids in to the pilot seat with a little training and they learn as they go. The beauty of SuiteCG is no one is forced in to taking advantage of every feature. Start simple and ramp up the complexity as the user gains experience. Large, easily-identified buttons make the user comfortable with the process as they learn as they go.

Download SuiteCG today for evaluation. Students can even download it at home and practice while they watch games on television. You may need to send a note home explaining that, yes, they actually ARE doing homework by watching a televised sporting event!

SuiteCG has native support for football, soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball, with more sports planned and new features in the works! For more information, Contact them at: