NAB 2019 was packed with TONS of new and innovative products that appeal to the education market.

Cameras, tripods, and accessories were all on full display with all the glitz and glamour that only Las Vegas could offer. The School Video News team covered the show up & down, and in all of our education market wisdom we have found what we believe to be the SVN NAB 2019 Product of the Show: the RODE Wireless GO.wirelessgo carousel4 400

RODE, has been bringing Australian born audio innovation to the users for over 50 years. You may be more familiar with the now tried and true RODE VideoMic targeted toward DSLR users (released in 2008). For the last 10+ years RODE has been a favorite among professional videographers and students for their quality products that are super-simple to operate. Their latest innovation: the Wireless GO is no exception to RODE’s history of quality, innovation, and budget friendly audio solutions from down under.

The Wireless Go is tiny. How small are we talking? It is akin to carrying change in your pocket - small. RODE describes the new product as: “the world’s smallest, most versatile wireless microphone system”. The transmitter and receiver weigh in at 1.1oz each and are roughly the size of a small matchbox (1.7 x 1.8 x 0.7). These small powerhouses are all digital, auto-pairing, and operate on the 2.4ghz spectrum. All you have to do is connect the 3.5mm (1/8th inch or Aux) TRS connector to your camera and the Wireless Go and bang – you’re an audio pro. The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack can last 7 hours and be juiced up via the convenient USB-C port.

wirelessgo carousel21 400Compact, broadcast-grade audio is the Wireless GO strength, but it also offers up more features that the students and teachers alike are bound to love. First, the system has been designed to work with industry-standard 3.5mm lavaliere-style microphones (optional). You can clip the plugged-in lavaliere microphone to a shirt or lapel and stash the transmitter – now operating as the world’s smallest belt pack on a belt, pocket, or clipped right next to the microphone (seriously, it is that small). Power it up, pair it, clip it onto your shirt, blouse, tie or jacket and GO. It works tucked discretely under the fabric or as a cool “tech-wirelessgo carousel26 400cessory” on display.

Or, leave the external lavaliere microphone in your gear bag and clip the Wireless Go transmitter to your talent and start capturing high-quality, wireless audio with it’s built-in microphone. This means, there is no need to fish a lavaliere microphone through a shirt. Think of the advantages for easily switching out talent in an interview setup.

The receiver also has a clip for attaching to various parts of your camera rig. The clip doubles as a camera shoe mount and can be securely mounted on top of your camera. There are no difficult menus to navigate and you can adjust the output volume by a three-stage gain control button.

Power it up, pair it, clip it onto your shirt, blouse, tie or jacket and GO. It works tucked discretely under the fabric or as a cool “tech-cessory” on display. Bottom line, this microphone system, is easy to use, crazy small, and super affordable at $199. You could buy three of these for what some of the other guys charge. The Rode Wireless Go is your new go-to microphone system.

BranchWorking crop 250Josh Branch has a wide amount of experience in the video production industry including over 15+ years of freelance work for clients throughout the country and Josh spent the better part of a decade working for a big tire company in Akron as a Corporate Videgrapher. Josh also holds a Associates Degree in Communication (Axia), a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management (Malone) and a Masters Degree in Career-Tech Education (Kent State).

Josh’s award winning video work has been seen on over 500 TV stations and networks across the country including History, Speed, ESPN, A&E, Discovery, Fox, Fox News & Telemundo. Josh has 100+ TV commercials to his credit and well over 1000 video projects completed.

Josh enjoys teaching because it is tangible and exciting to watch the next generation of America’s workforce discover their creativity and communication skills. Josh resides in North-East Ohio with his wife and four sons.