I had the opportunity to light and shoot some background plates for the Atlanta Hawks on Fox Sports

and I thought I’d share my technique. My goal was to create a moving bokeh background of the team colors on a set, to key in place of the blue screen used to shoot the players.Lighting01

I started with 6 silver space blankets I bought from REI for about $4 each that I scrunched up and stuffed in a bag overnight to get them very wrinkled. I Lighting02then flattened and clipped together and hung them on a background stand. I lit them with 3 lights total on apple boxes. 2 Arri 650’s on dimmers with red gel and a 750w source four in the center with a green/yellow combination of gels to create “Volt Green” (Hawks signature color). I then placed a small fan to the side of the space blankets on low to create movement. I shot on a Sony F5 with a 70-200mm lens wide open at a few different focal lengths.

Overall I was very pleased with the look and the simplicity of the setup.Lighting05

Roland Pro AV