BB00Last month, I talked about editing your video in i-Movie. Now in continuation we will take you through the steps of editing in Windows Movie Maker.

Don't forget, the main purpose of this two-part article is to get you up, running and editing as quickly as possible. If you need information about capturing video, check out "Making Video History" here at

Let's begin.

Step 1

Choose your video clips/ pictures


A. Select yourvideo clip/picture in theCollection
B. Drag and drop onto the Storyboard

Step 2

Titles and Credits



A. Select Make titles or credits



Type your title (or credit) text, then:
  1. Animate your title
  2. Edit the title text, font or color

Step 3

Adding Effects



Select View video effects, then:

A. Choose an effect for the video clip or picture
B. Drag and drop the effect onto that image on the Storyboard

Step 4




Select Viewvideo transitions, then:
A. Choose a transition for the video clip or picture
B.Drag and drop the transition between two video clips or pictures on the Storyboard

Step 5

Importing Audio



A. View the Timeline by clicking on the Show Storyboard/Show Timeline toggle
B.Select Import audio or music


C. Search for your audio/music then Import

Step 6

Editing Audio


A. Drag and drop the audio clip into the Audio/Music portion of theTimeline
B. Click and drag theentire audio clip to move it, and click the left or right border of the audio clip to trim it
C. Adjust your audio levels, for boththe video sound and the imported audio/music


Step 7

Editing with AutoMovie


To save serious time when you're working on a deadline, select Make an AutoMovie, then:

A. Select a style for your movie
B. Enter a title, add music, and go!

Step 8



You are now ready to share your movie on a CD, send it in an email, or post it to the web.

Step 9


If you have other types of software not covered in this two-part series and would like editing instructions, please email [email protected] with your request and software type. We will be glad to assist.

Have fun editing!

Barry S. Britt is an ASCAP member, music licensor, digital copyright instructor and is co-founder and executive producer of Soundzabound Royalty Free Music in Atlanta, GA.