It seems that twice a year at the beginning of each semester the “copyright” monster rears its ugly head.

Generally it is some variation of:
*  Since we’re a school, can’t we use music without getting copyright permission?
*  Doesn’t “fair use” cover us?
*  Since I put  credit at the end of the show acknowledging where the music came from is it ok to use copyrighted music?
*  What about music on video yearbooks?
*  What about music on news programs?
*  How do I get permission to use copyrighted music?

These questions have been covered in depth in numerous articles over the years in .   You'll find a list of all our past articles on this topic on our regular School Video News site.  Simply click on the LEGAL/GRANTS tab then click on COPYRIGHT on the drop-down menu. The information is at your fingertips whenever you need it.

School Video News believes that we must teach our students to comply with industry standards and all the copyright laws and restrictions. Therefore, researching material that they want to include is a key component of that assignment or project. It also teaches them how to reach beyond the classroom, into the real world. By following the proper steps, we teach our students the ethical way to conduct business.

Since this is the beginning of the school year, you might consider tackling the “copyright monster” now. Once students start brainstorming ideas and becoming emotionally attached to these ideas, it becomes very difficult and frustrating to both you and them if you crack down on copyright infringement issues.  Wouldn’t it be easier to stop the problems before they come up?  The eight articles listed below are listed in an order which will allow them to be cobbled together into a Start of the Year Unit Lesson Plan on Copyright.  You could synthesize the articles to put together your own lecture or print them, give them to students and simply go over each of them.

Ia. Copyright Issues When Using Music in Videos

IIa.  How Do I get Copyright Permission?

IIb. (Deeper Discussion Optional) How to get Media Permissions for your Videos and Other Media

IIIa  How Does YouTube Get Away With Posting Copyrighted Material?

IIIb. (Deeper Discussion Optional) Warning: Your Video Contains Copyrighted Material 

IV.  Can our Play/Musical Show be Recorded?

V.  Music in Sports

VI. Use of Music