For the third year, School Video News in partnership with Hoover High School will create the video content for OETC in SVN’s Broadcast Center February 9th through the 11th in Columbus.

The Ohio Educational Technology Conference is the third-largest state educational technology conference in the nation. Each year, more than 5,000 educational technology professionals and enthusiasts come together to explore the forefront of P-20 learning and innovation in Ohio.

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At OETC, you'll be able to hear from state and national experts in over 400 educational sessions and visit more than 250 exhibitors spotlighting their products and services in all areas of educational technology. The 35,000 square foot trade show floor is sure to bring excitement to your conference experience!

Staffed with students from Hoover High School, North Canton, SVN be covering all aspects of OETC for future broadcasts.

"As an instructor, I look for as many opportunities as possible for our students so that they can get the most out of their educational experience" says Tom Wilson, head of North Canton's district media Video-Jouralism department. "Going to the OETC conference as the documentary team each year provides the perfect scenario. Students will work together to plan, shoot, interview, and edit a variety of pieces in a very short amount of time. The training we provide in our own studio provides all of the skills necessary to do this, but the big difference is that the work needs to be accomplished repeatedly in a short time frame with no bells or classroom changes blocking their production schedule. OETC also provides aOETC02 400
The 2015 OETC Video Crew from Hoover High School, North Canton, OH
structure that puts the students out front with professionals they have never met before, so the idea of a "real-world" experience is front and center for this activity.

"When selecting a team for the three day experience, I start with grades and attendance. This means pulling up their records from other classes as well. If students are not keeping up with their grades and are missing classes, that is an automatic elimination from the chance to take part in the experience. The next thing I look for is consistency and cooperation. How well does that student work with others and the instructors of the program. Have you earned the right to travel with us?

"From the list of remaining candidates, I look at their skills and interests. Since documenting an event and producing work for clients requires many aspects of production, I try to bring a diverse group and have them specialize in certain areas while they are working the event. Since we need to hit the ground running, and maintain a fast pace during the trip, it helps to have pre-planned our strategies and responsibility before we ever leave town. Each student should come back from the trip and feel that they have at least one, if not more, pieces of work to add to their portfolio that they can be proud of."

In addition to the studio, control room and edit bays, student producers will have the advantage of ViewSonic’s digital video walls and digital billboards for displaying interviews, work-in-progress, and updates to the conference. An easy way to find the SVN/OETC Broadcast Center is to look for the ViewSonic Video Wall in the main concourse, opposite the Exhibit hall entry doors. ViewSonic high-res digital billboards will be located throughout the event for immediate up-to-date information.

Stop by the SVN Broadcast Center in the Main Concourse, right across from the entrance to the Exhibit Hall. For complete information, go to





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