By popular demand, Open Source High’s May student video contest will be covering a topic that is near and dear to the hearts of all our student video-makers.

The topic is: “How to Make Videos.”

We have some great prizes up for grabs including $250 cash for the Founder’s Choice Award and a Shure studio condenser microphone for the Students’ Choice Award. All videos must be two minutesOHS01 375 or less and be submitted by midnight PST on Sunday, May 29th. Students are encouraged to choose any topic related to filmmaking – writing a script, setting up your lighting, editing, creating animations, storytelling, how to engage with the camera, audio setup, doing accents, creating characters, applying makeup, making costumes, YouTube search engine optimization, how to come up with video topics, how to interview, where to buy the best equipment, where to find out about video contests – the possibilities are endless: if you think it’s important, we want you to teach about it.

In addition to math, history, and science videos students have submitted to our community, we’ve also received “how to” videos covering everything from baking and gaming to painting and skateboarding. While we’ve never formally covered video-making as a topic before, I can share with you a few videos which have touched on the subject:

Vid01 350 This first video made by ‘CarterSurach’ had me stare deep into my own soul as I reflect on my own insecurities and anxieties with putting myself on the web:


Vid02 350 Here’s a fun video made the students at ‘MangoStudios’ made with some film-making tips:

Vid03 350 This next one, by ‘balanpaul,’ is a personal favorite because it explains the physics behind how cameras work:

Vid04 350 The same student also made this video teaching how microphones work:

OSH facebook thumb 375For over a year now, Open Source High has been building a peer teaching community powered by student-made video lessons. Rather than me preach my vision, I’ll let our own students’ define the community for you. One of our top students, ‘joshinspires,’ describes the site as, “an interactive community of youth that understands their generation and can communicate messages to them in their own language which allows for the expansion of knowledge.” Another student video-maker, ‘aidancaine4,’ adds that “[at Open Source High], the students are the teachers, and because of this, the topics can be understood and put into terms that make sense for those trying to learn.”

For details and to enter our contest, head on over to