The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) encourages the pursuit of excellence in broadcasting and video production by recognizing the outstanding achievements by high school students through its Student Production Awards. The awards for excellence are presented annually by many of the 19 regional chapters of NATAS.

Schools within each region are eligible to enter the Student Production Awards competition.

"Our competitions give students nationwide the opportunity to receive recognition for their hard work from award-winning professionals in the television and video production industries," said Danielle Mannion, Education Chair for the Boston/New England Chapter. "This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in pursuing a career in journalism or any of the many occupations associated with visual storytelling."

Most chapters present awards for individual crafts like editing, videography, sound, talent and writing to name just a few. Outstanding team achievement in a variety of long and short-form program types such as newscast, sports, fiction and non-fiction is also recognized.

"Students are thrilled to receive recognition from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences because their work is judged on the same criteria as the Emmy® Awards," said Geneva Brignolo, Executive Director of the Nashville/Midsouth Region, which has awarded Student Production Awards for a dozen years. "Professionals score the entries on content, creativity and execution."

Each chapter’s deadlines and procedures are slightly different, but online access makes entering the competition easy. Schools visit the chapter website in their region, download the instructions for the competition (if held), then upload their entries to the chapter website. Students and educators can find the regional chapter in their area by visiting the national NATAS website and entering their school's zip code.

Each winning entry receives an etched crystal pillar award, suitable for any school trophy case. Students receive a certificate ready for framing, if listed on the entry.
“A unique aspect of many of the competitions is receiving feedback from the judges,” said Jim Timmerman, President of the Ohio Valley Chapter. "Students interested in pursuing a post high school education should note that an award from NATAS is an important line on any college application."

SVN suggests you use the NATAS Regional Chapter finder to locate the chapter for your area and to learn more about the 2015 Student Production Awards deadlines and requirements.