Back in 1992, seven high school video teachers from the Pittsburgh, PA area, yours truly was one them, acted as cooperating supervisors for communications student teachers from Robert Morris University, RMU.

These student teachers spent half their time in a TV/video classroom and the other half in an English classroom. DSC 0004-300

At one of the meetings of the seven cooperating TV/video teachers and the university coordinator, the group thought that it would good to organize a conference for all teachers of TV/video production in the Western PA, Eastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia areas because many teachers who were teaching TV/video at that time had no training nor experience in this discipline. RMU agreed to host the conference and almost 100 teachers attended the conference. The seven coops spoke about their curriculum and facilities at their respective schools. The workshop was an overwhelming success therefore, the DSC 0006-300group agreed to continue organizing future conferences and form an organization to help and support the fledgling TV/Video teachers. They formed an executive board, wrote bylaws, solicited members and named it the Western Pennsylvania Television and Video Teachers Consortium, TVT for short. RMU agreed to continue its sponsorship and as they say, "The rest is history."

In the second year, the executive board felt it would be good to display and exhibit student productions. With this in mind, a spring student video festival was organized. The festival would accept the member school's student productions in ten categories such as: morning announcement, PSA's, Video Yearbook, live on tape events, news shows for community cable etc. Each entry had a limit of 3 minutes running time. The festival was not a school v. school competition. but rather a festival were entries were judged against the industry's standards of production. Teachers from member schools that submitted entries were required to spend a Saturday morning judging entries using a TVT designed rubric for each category. The entries who met the standards were a awarded plaques of excellence recognizing their achievement in a category.
The 21st Annual TVT Spring Student Video Festival was held on April 10, 2014 at RMU with 24 schools and over 400 students in attendance. In the 13 entry categories 59 were awarded plaques of excellence. Additionally, some schools submitted an original music video that was shown to the students in attendance; judged by them and the winner was awarded a plaque of excellence.

A Best of Festival award was also presented. To select the recipient of this award the schools with the highest points scored in each of the 13 categories TVT04-300were judged a second time by a panel of judges to chose the best of the lot. This year's winner was Tyler Cottington of Seneca Valley H.S. in Harmony, PA. His entry was in the Computer/Graphics Animation category entitled "Drivers License Test"

During lunch, the students had an opportunity to socialize with other schools and view special projects or productions on laptops.

For further information about TVT contact Michael Albanese at RMU [email protected] or Ray Adams [email protected]