Tally00One of the drawbacks of the lower end TriCasters has always been the lack of a tally light connection.

And even if you had a TC Studio or Broadcast you still had to build your own lights. Well now metaSETZ has complete tally light solutions for all TriCasters including those without built in tally connections like the Duo, TC100 and TriCaster Pro. Plus they offer some innovative features above and beyond simple red tally lights.

Tally lights serve two purposes. The first is to make it obvious which camera is live for the on-camera talent and the second is to keep the camera operator aware of his camera's status.Tally03 Traditionally on large studio cameras this has been a red 'program' tally when the camera is on-air, a green 'preview' tally for when the camera is cued up on the preview bus of the switcher and ready to go live and a yellow 'effects' bus tally for when the camera is being used as a secondary source during a double box or picture in picture situation.

Standard Definition TriCasters
The metaSETZ TLC-6 Tally Controller can be connected to any of the standard def TriCaster models via USB, no additional power is required. Used along with their TL-1 Tally Lights  you get an ultra-bright tally LED for your on-camera talent that's easy to see even under bright studio lights and three status indicators for your camera operator just like the big studio rigs.

The metaSETZ tally lights mount right to the camera's accessory shoe and connect to the controller with standard Ethernet style cables so you can build custom length cables easily. You can also use this same cable for your wired intercom system using the intercom/audio pass-through feature.

To use the pass-through simply connect your ClearCom style intercom master station to the pass-through XLR on the TLC-6 and then use 1/8" to XLR adapters to connect your camera operator's belt packs to the TL-1 lights. This works with any intercom system that uses three wires. You can alternately use the pass-through connector to feed stereo audio from a headphone amp to headphones plugged into the light's 1/8" jack for a simple listen only communication system.

If you have a TC Studio or Broadcast and only need the red 'program' tally you can forgo the TLC-6 controller and connect the TL-1 lights directly to the tally jacks on the TriCaster. Simply run 1/8" stereo (audio type) cables between the TriCaster and the 1/8" jack on the lights and you are good to go.

Tally02High Definition TriCasters
HD TriCaster owners aren't left out. For those with a TCXD300, metaSETZ has the TL-XD Tally Light that can be connected directly to the existing tally ports on the TriCaster. This gets you the ultra-bright talent tally as well as the red 'program' and the green 'preview' indicators for the camera operator.

If you are lucky enough to have a TCXD850 you need the new TLC-8d Controller. Plug the TLC-8d into the TriCaster's 15 pin tally port and a USB port for power (no wall wart!). Then run the Ethernet cable to the TL-XD lights. Currently the tally port on the 850 only supports the program tally lights but future upgrades might support additional tallies. If this happens the TLC-8d's hardware is upgradable (by the dealer or at the factory) so you won't have to replace the entire unit to take advantage of additional features.The TLC-8d also sports the intercom pass-through just like the TLC-6 so you can still piggyback your intercom wiring.

More TLC-6 features
The TLC-6 has a few other features we didn't cover above including an 'Aux' port that can be configured either as a GPI output so you can trigger other gear when you switch or as a seventh tally output that can be assigned to any switcher input so you can have a tally for your DDR operator if you like.  If you are using camera control units (CCU) that have tally inputs you can configure the TLC-6 for contact closure outputs and use the CCUs' built in tally functions

NewTek VT[4] and VT[5] compatibility
Users of the venerable VT[4] and VT[5] suites can use the full functionality of the TLC-6 with their machines.

Other Switchers
There is also an upcoming version of the TLC-8 (the TLC-8p) that can be used with many non-NewTek switchers such as the Panasonic MX-70 and AV-HS400.

Regardless of which TriCaster you have the metaSETZ tally systems are the most flexible and affordable solutions available. 

For more information go to www.metasetz.com