LEDLIGHTThe new LED 500 includes a number of new features.

 The LED 500 now offers full dimming of the LEDs in addition to the ability to turn on/off banks of LEDs. New electronics also allow for wider input voltages from 10-18v DC. This allows the LED 500 to be used on a wide range of battery sources including battery belts, auto 12v, or higher voltage brick batteries. The new LED 500 also includes advanced protection against over voltage or reversed polarity and auto shut off sensing with low voltage.

 Prompterad2The LED 500 now includes a new stronger barndoor system that is built on a rail system. This eliminates any loosening of the barndoors through extended use. Eggcrates and filter holders will also be available with the new LED 500 lights.

 All of these changes will also be implemented in the new LED 1000 lights as well. Price for the LED 500 and LED 1000 remain the same at $499 and $849 respectively.

 You can see the complete line of PrompterPeople lighting instruments and America's #1 selling teleprompters by visiting their site at www.prompterpeople.com or calling Kenny Valenzuela at (408) 866-9100 x106.