Product Overview of Soundzabound Royalty Free Music (

There is some reasonable concern regarding copyright issues when using music in technology for education.  

Royalty free music is an option, but it’s not always so appealing to the students.


Also, there have been instances when trying to use podcasts, projects and presentations, where it’s found that royalty free or free of charge are not applicable to the license.  Not many of the royalty free music companies seem to understand the complexities of what we wish to do in grades K-12, such as podcast, post to our public website, and sometimes even duplicate and sell projects and productions.

For content and licensing purposes, Soundzabound ( has been the solution.  These are professionally produced pieces of music organized by theme or category, so it’s not just loops and sound effects, but does include those as well.  The audio is produced by cutting-edge music pros, but the founders are from within education, so the combination of the two groups seems to bring about the best of content and licensing.  Their value added services even include user statistic reports and other features, so Soundzabound definitely fits the category of an approved vendor for education.  (See

Volume 5 ( is the latest release that made us love Soundzabound.  It’s called “Top Trax”, and is a collection of Urban, Hip-Hop, Modern Pop and Rock, and the Vintage collection seems to be the favorite of the teachers and the students.

For even more variety, Volumes 1 – 4 contain a vast library of useable themes and categories.
Volume 1 – News, Styles and Background Production Music
Volume 2 – Holiday, Classical, Cultural
Volume 3 – Decades, Themes, Loops and Sound Effects
Volume 4 – Up Tempo, Mid Tempo and Low Tempo Production Tracks
Volume 5 – Urban & Hip-Hop, Modern Pop, Rock, Country and Vintage

Another major attribute is the flexibility in technology.  Soundzabound’s MP3 files work inside all PC and Apple™ software including Garageband™, iMovie™, iTunes™, iLife™, Windows Movie Maker™ and Audacity™.

The price is very inexpensive, only $99 per site per Volume, and $99 per site to keep the web-based access beginning one year after your purchase.  So you can own all 5 Volumes and only have to pay $99 annually, and district licensing is available as well.  (See for details).

After you purchase the product(s) and Soundzabound creates your user name and password (you can specify your own user name and password so long as they are available), go to and enter the user name and password.  You can use the guided search on the left side of the home page to search by category, title or keyword.  Or, you can go straight to your purchased Volumes on the right under “Download Tracks”.


After your selection, the track list will appear.  Click the play button to preview tracks, and the Download MP3 button to the right to download the track.  If you wish to download the entire album, click on the Download Album selection.



You will be prompted to OPEN or SAVE the file.  Click SAVE, and send it to your desktop or other file of your choice.

From this point, you can access your files with your default media player such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.



To add your audio file to a project or presentation, just follow your normal steps to import the Soundzabound MP3 as an audio file. 

Soundzabound has a 24/7 helpline at 1-888-834-1792, and also they respond quickly to your needs at [email protected].