A ready-to-use editing solution made for ARTISTS, not engineers!


If you have ever dreamed about moving up to AVID or AVID Liquid professional editing, then learn about our new VES/Delta series ad¬vanced PC workstation that takes the guesswork out of buying an editing system.
Our systems ship complete: all System and Editing software installed &
configured. All of your peripherals such as dual 22-inch widescreen monitors,
professional speakers, custom keyboard, mouse are included!
We designed these from the chassis up to do just one thing in life... optimize the power of AVID or AVID Liquid software.

Our engineers are not just computer guys, they understand the lifestyle of video editing, and have created the ultimate system:

fast, powerful, reliable, broadcast quality, and user friendly. We build them to be as “bullet-proof” as possible for the real world, with advanced features to help you survive “Murphy’s Law”. Featuring our revolutionary “RED DISK” recovery kit that returns your system drive to its “perfect” state with all software fully installed, configured, and authorized... withoutloss of editing data!

Start off with a single workstation, and then add more systems as your workflow and business expands. Lease (to own) a complete editing solution for around $300-ish per month!

Purchasing an editing system should be like purchasing a car... you don’t go aroundinvestigating the specs and part numbers of every cable, spark plug, and sub assembly. Instead, you shop for an appealing, well-built vehicle that has a good reputation for performance and overall reliability. You assume that the engineers who designed the vehicle have done their job and put together the right combination of parts to make the vehicle worthy of its exceptional reputation! Well, the same should hold true for an editing solution! An end-user should not have to figure out what combination of central processor, chipset, and graphics cards work best with AVID; nor what are the best hard drives to use; nor what monitors work best with the
graphics board, etc. At VideoEditSystems.com, our team of engineers have done all the research & testing, and solved the problems for you! Ours is a completely integrated and certified solution!

The CPU of the VES/Delta 1000 has an Intel Core2 Duo 2.40 GHz Processor at its heart. Lightning fast; but bear in mind that in Video Editing, the CPU is only a small part of the total equation; the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) does most of the work! Advanced Nvidia Quadro graphics card. Our impressively tweaked graphics unit is BASED around a very advanced (upper three thousand series), which is SLI capable of working in tandem with a second such card, in order to handle the most demanding HD applications. A lot of research went into combining the most cost effective high-end graphics card with a complimentary Nvidia Intel Chipset which is essential to provide SLI Capability and get the very best from the Graphics Card. Our Engineering Group worked closely with Nvidia on this and incidentally Nvidia is the only Graphics Card Certified to work with the latest versions of Media Composer by AVID. System memory is a full two gig. We don’t use “shared memory”, but use discreet memory for the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) and the System. System memory is dynamically assignable by our chipset. Windows XP will only use up to 1 gig. The balance is available for applications; and we have found that adding an extra 2 gig only provided negligible benefit for AVID Liquid Pro, yet would add steeply to the price.
Beefy 850 watt modular SLI power supply. The new Graphics Cards take a lot of power so it is essential to have a High Performance Certified Power Supply. Modular, so you can replace it yourself if necessary (with a little Tech Support coaching, of course).
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  Multiple Hard Drives
Standard complement of drives is four of the latest design, quick removable SATA hard drives that slide in or out as easy as a camera battery. Having four drives allows you to store all of your data separate from the system applications and maintain backup files. Provides 1.5TB of capacity (250, 250, 500+500). The bay includes LED readout of temperature and voltage. The two 500 gig drives are configured as a striped array to function as a single Media storage drive of 1 TB.
Multi-card Reader for importing data from most popular memory cards. 3.5 inch Floppy drive. Professional grade DVD +/— R/RW, CD-R/RW dual layer burner. Panasonic P2 and Sony XDCAM/SxS reader compatability is coming soon!
Our system ships complete and includes
 Two 22-inch TFT-LCD digital/analog wide screen video display monitors.
Comes with special software for digitally
balancing the viewing images between the
two monitors. One pair of fully balanced
and shielded, high performance, Close
Field, Edirol audio Monitor Speakers. Your choice of a custom button-coded keyboard for AVID or Liquid.
Optional RAID-5 internal drive array will provide 1.5 TB of PROTECTED media storage. At any given time, any three of four RAID drives contain 100% of your data. Your edit screen will alert you to the drive failure. Simply replace the bad drive with a replacement, and the data will restore itself. The RAID is provided as a Kit which is User Retrofitable, (most of the hardware comes pre-installed in the Delta) or it can be ordered at the time of initial purchase and installed by us. The RAID kit includes not just four, but five drives. The 5th drive stores in the array, but is not wired in, and serves as a “spare tire” so that you do not have to wait for express delivery! Our RAID is desigined for ease of maintenance so that the wiring harness is readily accessible from the main side panel.
  Note that we ship the four main hard drives and the RAID drives separately from the main tower, in their own re-usable custom travel cases. Removing the drives prior to shipping or transit not only lessens the overall weight of the tower, but more importantly protects your crucially valuable drives and the data they hold.
VideoEditSystems.com is the nonlinear digital editing division of Equipment Emporium Inc.
15235 Brand Blvd, Ste A-110 • Mission Hills CA 91345 • 800-473-4554 •  www.VideoEditSystems.com

Eventually any computer may crash, but we've designed ours with failsafes so that your career won't!
Without a doubt, the most exciting innovation on the VES/Delta 1000 series of professional workstations is our unique
“Recovery Emergency Disk” (aka the RED disk) for restoring all of your system and editing applications in the event of file corruption or failure on drive C. Gets you up and running in minutes, without having to re-configure or re-authorize your stuff. No need to call Tech Support.
93% of computer issues (excluding the people factor) can be traced to problems developing on the System Drive (“C”). Now whether these slowdowns or errors are caused by human or mechanical glitch; from a downloaded virus; or just accidental over¬writing or deletion of key files & settings... who cares! Stuff happens, no matter how careful we are all. The important thing to an Editor is to get the system up and running again as quickly as possible, and without any loss of editing data. As long as you follow the practice of storing (and backing up) your documents, project data, and media files onto their appropriate drives, it is a simple matter of wiping a bad Drive C completely clean and restoring it (or completely replacing it) to our original factory installation (which we custom create for every client & workstation).
More features of the VES/Delta 1000...
Rear e-SATA II connections. Sata II is 6 times faster than firewire IEE-1394 and provides a fast, reliable way of off-loading an entire project’s MEDIA and PROJECT (Timeline, Titles, etc.) for archiving or transit. Also allows our RAID equipped units to access the two front (media) drives.
Use our Optional External Hard Drive Enclosure with e-SATA connections as well as USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1) to tranfer data from one computer system to another. Our enclosure utilizes the same, quick-removable SATA drives as the rest of our system.
Dual ethernet systems. Provides for a “Local Edit Net” where multiple Edit Suites can communicate, swap files, etc. as well as a separate connection for the Internet or corporate Intranet. 10/100 for standard ethernet communication as well as high speed GigE capability.
Wireless Internet station and access point capability. You can connect to an existing WiFi signal, or you broadcast your own WiFi so that other computers (like your Producer’s laptop) can link to you.
Convenient case features: spacious, high tech appearance. Extra roomy inside for ease of user maintenance and better ventilation. Side panel has key lock security.
  Remove the plastic plugs in the bottom of the tower chassis to take advantage of
our  Drop-down bolts, which provide a clever solution for securing your
workstation to a shelf or dektop, protecting your investment against earthquake or
theft. (Cut-away shelf section is shown for illustrative purposes.)

Front connection panel swivels 90 degrees (front to side). Hook-ups for USB,
firewire, and audio. Just another small touch to make
things more convenient for the editor.

Optional Accessories that we recommend include the Edirol UA-25 audio
interface for recording live audio such as ADR, narration, and sound effects directly into Liquid. XLR input with Phantom power. The FaderMaster interface plugs in to allow tactile control of multiple soundtracks (with automatic Key Framing in Liquid) during editing/sound mixing.
VideoEditSystems.com is the nonlinear digital editing division of Equipment Emporium Inc.
15235 Brand Blvd, Ste A-110 • Mission Hills CA 91345 • 800-473-4554 •  www.VideoEditSystems.com

More about the VES/Delta 1000...
Multi-system solutions: The VES/Delta is not limited to life as a single workstation. Modern editing often requires collaborative efforts, which are the hallmark of AVID and Liquid editing applications. Our system easily accommodates an expanded workflow. For example, adding a basic workstation for logging/capture or Producers Reveiw. Perhaps a workstation for Audio Sweetening, or an ultra-powerful system for Graphics/HD-Rendering. The next step in the Workflow evolution would be the linking of your workstations to a centralized media storage and project server. It involves storing all of your media files and project data in a data protected central hub that allows multiple workstations to feed seamlessly. The media and project data are protected by redundancy against the unpredicted drive failure.
The workstations see the hub much as they might recognize another drive in their system.... the flow of data is immediate and unconstrained. Much more akin to having an extra internal drive. A special data controller acts as our “traffic cop”. Although any workstation can view any project (read only), only one workstation would have read/write permission at a time. This prevents two editors from accidentally overwriting each other’s work on the same timeline at the same time!
Should a workstation develop hardware issues, the Editor need only move to a different edit bay to continue working!
A facility could also design Edit Bays of different levels of utility. For instance, smaller rooms would accommodate the individual Editor while a larger, more posh environment would be available for “client” interaction. Even a Screening Room could be equipped to project work in progress.
The best thing is that you do not have to make final decisions before you are ready. Our editing workstations are editing solutions, and will adapt as your operation grows.
Financing: Individuals and small operations are encouraged to lease, rather than buy, in order to preserve their working capital and take advantage of tax incentives. For example, a ten-thousand dollar system, for  36 months lease-to-own (no residual buy¬out) works out in the range of $300-ish per month. We work with a number of leasing companies that can provide flexible terms for small companies, or special contracts for municipal, state, or federal institutions.
Software Compatability: The VES/Delta works with AVID Express, Media Composer, and Liquid. One of the nice things about our units is that you can maintain Media Composer and Liquid on the same machine! Editors (and those teaching editing) can work with whichever application is appropriate for the situation.
For more information about the VES/Delta Series of workstations, please visit our website at www.VideoEditSystems.com. Or just phone us!
These are not modified “office” Coming soon in Fall 2007.... computers; the VES/Delta was
the 3rd Edition of Fred Ginsburg’s text on Production Sound, entitled (what else?)
designed from the ground up 

specifically for editing! Lightening
“Production Sound Recording for Film and Video”
fast. Powerful. Reliable. Work-flow
It still includes the classic “Guide to the Nagra 4.2 Sync Recorder”, but we’ve retired
it to the back of the book. Just not using those Nagra’s like we used to!
The emphasis is on acquiring the best location dialogue, whether recording direct to video or double system on a digital recorder. Mics, mixers, techniques, advice.
Featuring our revolutionary “RED
DISK” recovery kit that returns
ISBN 978-0-9713941-1-7
your system drive to its “perfect”
List Price: $40.00  ReSellers: $20.00
state with all software fully installed, configured, and authorized... without loss of editing data!
Direct from Equipment Emporium: $20.00
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