No, it’s not a race but, yes, it’s a rush to have the set in place and ready for video production. 

But, as Phil Harris wisely counsels (June issue, “Design a Studio”) preplanning is imperative as each prospective school or community cable studio environment presents important questions and often limitations regarding structure and layout.  Still, once these considerations are established and you know the size and shape of your studio, you approach the myriad of questions surrounding the set itself.  What size table(s) do we need?  What is a possible news base?  How can we vary the background? How can we start small but expand our ensemble of set pieces as we evolve?  Where can we store these items in the often less-than-ideal space?  How do we create a professional look and a unique identity?  This plethora of questions has a solid answer:  UNI-SET.

UNI-SET produces what people in the cable and video biz need and want. Uni-Set provides unique modular set packages that are versatile, durable and cost-efficient.  Probably the key word of the many positive descriptors of these products is modular.   

Depending on the modular package selected, the video team has anywhere from several to multiple possible set configurations.  Even in the basic system, Nuns Junior -- a cost efficient option for school and community cable video—there are four news and table configurations.   The versatility of the products promotes your teams’ creativity; the durability –you know how this stuff gets banged around—promises longevity.

A popular aspect of their product line is the mini module. Each set piece whether panel, desk or news base is accompanied by a miniature version of itself.  Remember blocks?  Legos?  While Uni-Set is not in the toy business, the important act of playing with your set is quite valuable.   So, in order to experiment with the various set options, the scale models where 1” equals 1’, give your team the luxury of designing sets in advance on a table top. 

(Hmmm, maybe they are in the toy business!)  As Jason Rimkus media director for the Kenosha, (Wisconsin) Community Media said, “these models offer what planners badly need…a good idea of just how it’s going to look.”

Many of the satisfied customers cite versatility as a critical component of the Uni-Set systems.  Particularly those who do a variety of programs, the various configurations possible are essential.   Greg McDonald of the Ann Arbor (Michigan) Community Television Network comments on this advantage, “It’s a good set because it’s multi-functional; we do a variety of things and this provides a useful tool.”   Echoing some of sentiments regarding product quality, Jim Gillis, Broadcast Media Manager of Macomb Township (Michigan), positively indicated the system  is  “…versatile, …stores well and , though heavier than expected, it is very well constructed.”  

Uni-Set’s principal, Ron Kniffin, clearly understands and caters to the entire video market.  And even though many of us are not yet ready  for his many more comprehensive modular packages or the (also raved about) “Anywhere Uni-Cyc” [larama], it is worth noting that all products are in sync with one another.  So, if you are a fledgling station with big hopes and dreams, look at the array of products.  Each will be compatible with the basic one you first invest in.  Then, no matter what type of program you produce, it’s ready, set, go!

UNI-SET began in 1976 providing unique value and assistance to set design professionals in the broadcast industry.  Located in Rochester, NY, UNI-SET has become the industry leader in the modular approach to set design.

UNI-SET has the cost-effective package available for every size studio.  From their original 4' modular system, to a 30" modular system, to News Settings, UNI-SET offers a choice of settings that will enhance your ability to meet and exceed client needs and expectations.

For more information, visit their website at or call them at 1-585-544-3820.