As you know, this column features products that we just cant live without. As we start our articles on studio planning and construction, we wanted to introduce you to a very versatile cable produced by Gepco out of Chicago.

We have used these ourselves and keep several hundred feet on spool for remote situations as well as in the studio. Not only does it carry the video signal, but has two coax that can be used for cam I/C and mic.

The VA2/2TP is a multi-element coax and twisted-pair snake cable utilizing a miniature type coax for reduced size and weight. Coaxial construction is identical to single VDM250 for low attenuation, low return loss, and excellent broadband shielding. The 61801EZ type analog audio single-pair features low-loss 22 gage conductors and is easy to strip and terminate. The all-weather TPE master jacket is abrasion resistant, durable, and remains flexible in cold temperature environments.

Gepco International, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of audio and video cable products. Founded in 1981, the company designs, manufactures, and markets audio cable, video cable, cable assemblies, connectors and specialty products. In addition, Gepco is a distributor for such cable-related products as patch bays, connectors, and tools.