Hollywood Camera Work has released Causality Story Sequencer, an innovative new kind of writing and story development app over 5 years in development.

Causality was created out of a frustration with traditional word processors, screenwriting programs and outliners, and instead visualizes story graphically as multiple, weaving storylines, making it easy to understand and create even very complex, character-driven plots. Many writers report that Causality mirrors exactly how they see story in their minds.

Causality erases the dividing line between outlining and writing; both are done from beginning to end. Previously, it would be difficult to fundamentally restructure a story, which rewriting demands. Causality makes it easy to make drastic changes to plot lines or character arcs, and it automatically rearranges the script and detects plot holes as you work.

Causality is for screenwriters, fiction and non-fiction writers, visual novel writers, previz, and animation/multimedia storytellers as their central story development hub. The app is built for heavy storytelling, and handles multi-episode TV or multi-volume books with many storylines with the same ease as a short story.

Causality is in rapid development, and will add character development, story synthesis, deep character tracking, film production features, book layout and publishing, full mobile apps with desktop functionality, team collaboration, and more.

Causality is free for unlimited outlining of any size story. A $279 permanent license or $5.99/monthly Pro subscription adds the ability to write the final text in Causality, as well as print/export and more (otherwise final text is limited to 10 pages). Upgrades are free forever. Team and production features will be extra.

causalitylogo 200Causality is developed by Per Holmes and Atomic Imaging Studios, and is released by Hollywood Camera Work, a leader in film industry training with many Academy Award and Emmy winners among their users, and also behind the now de-facto standard directing app Shot Designer.

For more information, visit their website at https://www.hollywoodcamerawork.com/causality.html


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