Working as a full time cinematographer brings many different challenges.

From camera testing, location scouting, organize your crew, to having to figure out how your going to light a scene so it looks different from a normal doc or narrative. Cinematography has its challenges, which makes it so fun and worth telling the stories we want to share. 


With that said, making sure you camera and gear is working properly is something you want to only think about once, ok maybe twice. Thats where the IDX Duo-c 190 & 95 V-Mount batteries come into play. I’ve use IDX batters for years, and they have never giving me issues, literally, not once have I had a problem with an IDX battery, so I have always been a fan of their products. But with the Duo-c 190 & 95 it makes me an even bigger fan. Not only do these batteries ease the mind of me wondering if I have power for my rig, but I know I’m not going to have problems, and can keep focus on why I’m a cinematographer, to create and share stories.

The batteries are very light weight, and pack a punch when it comes to power. The 95 is my battery of choice for gimbal work with bigger cameras because its so small and light. But I do use the 95 for my A7Sii and it literally can power the camera and monitor for days.

For more studio work or a project that has the need of bigger cameras or if Im wanting a rig that is bigger for momentum purposes, I go with the 190. That battery along with IDX v-mount plate will power my camera, monitor, follow focus, and anything else I throw at it for hours on end.

So, if you're like me, and want to be simple and use one battery to power everything, or you may want to build out a small camera into an amazing cinematic rig, then the IDX Duo-c 190 & 95 are great choice.

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