It is not a secret that I love the new JVC GY-HM200SP.

For those that haven’t heard of this camera, here’s the deal: 4k production camera with the ability stream live via most networks with built in graphics. The camera is a beast. From recording in 4K with a great dynamic range through live streaming with overlays built in, these cameras as the swiss army knife of video production.

JVC is expanding their reach from just sports production to the news and worship realms. JVC made a lot of noise last spring with the launch of the GY-HM200SP sports productionJVC01 camera and have taken that success to another level by updating the sports camera and adding news production and house of worship production to their arsenal.

JVC upped the game with additional customization options for the built in graphics generator inside the camera. The Four lower third options cover essentially every sport from Football through field hockey and wrestling. Your viewers expect 2 things in a live broadcast: Great picture and graphics giving them up to the second information. The GY-HM200SP gives you both of those things in a single package at a great price.

JVC03When JVC set out to create a single camera production they also set forth the opportunity to create productions with only 1 person. The graphics can be controlled with an tablet or smartphone connected to the camera via a built wireless connection. Simple, intuitive controls allow the operator to control the graphics as well as keep an eye on the action. Pairing the camera with the Scorebot from Sportzcast makes the production even easier with automatic updates straight from the scoreboard!

If you are looking to dive into sports production, this camera should be your first stop. This camera serves as a great foundation for all elements of sports production. Use the camera without the lower thirds to record coaches shows or press conferences then stream the game live with a one person production “team.” As your team and productions grow, the HDMI and SDI outs on the camera make is great for a multi cam shoot.


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If sports aren’t your thing and your students are more interested in ENG, JVC is working on an option for you! The same powerful camera with a news production focus. Lower thirds giving details on the reporter, their location and more are available and can be controlled via a smartphone. Instead of sending students out to film and add elements in post, you will be able to turn stories faster with full graphics. If your crew is talented enough to go live from location, simply set up the camera to connect to the web and select your CDN and you are on the air with full HD capabilities. The News Production version camera should be available early in the new year.

These cameras are a great place to start for school programs since they give the feel and functions like a much moreNews expensive camera while offering a ton of options. This camera replaces several tools that should be found in all startup programs. The first thing that new programs need are good quality cameras. This camera certainly meets that criteria as it not only has a ton of options and controls but can also shoot up to 4K. This not only gives a cost effective camera but also future proofs the program. The camera also replaces the need for a computer to stream and add graphics. Every student is now a graphics operator with their smartphone. Simply sync the phone with the camera’s ad hoc wireless network and the student has access to create and control the graphics on the screen.

This camera is a perfect solution for new programs as well as more advanced programs that can benefit from the field reporting and the multi camera production abilities made possible with the camera.

HWOverlayHouses of worship are not left in the cold on this camera either. Until recently, I lead the streaming efforts at the church I attend. Over the years, we transitioned from a single camera recording to DV tape that was later captured into premiere pro and edited to a multi camera workflow with switcher separate audio and the works. As soon as I heard about the new JVC GY-HM200HW (available now) with House Of Worship overlays, I was dismayed at the number of hours I spent shooting, dumping footage, and adding overlays and how this new camera takes care of all of those things in one extremely affordable device. The camera is aptly called the House Of Worship camcorder and offers a mobile control interface just like the streaming and news cameras but would compare to Pro Presenter or the like in terms of workflow. Simply add your text, select it for overlays, and you are good to do both on the stream and the disc recording or just on the stream. This camera should be the base for all developing video programs because of it’s stand-alone capabilities and HDMI/SDI outputs for future multiple camera broadcasts.

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