We have found the new DV-9 and DV-11 prompters are the most flexible teleprompter available at an unbeatable price that most schools can afford.

They have been specifically designed for the new breed of professional MiniDV camcorders such as the Sony PD170, Canon XL1 and Panasonic DVX100 that are found in most school studios. They will work with virtually any 1 or 3 chip MiniDV camcorder available. The light weight of the unit allows it to be used with inexpensive light duty tripods. The units set up quickly with its patent pending mirror assembly with 60/40 beamsplitter glass. We had ours operation in less than 30 minutes with exceptional results.

DV9 Talent View     DV9 Prompter     DV9 Sideview

The included monitor can be controlled via remote control to change the size of the display. The monitor also reverses the text for a perfect mirror image. This ensures that the text is readable on the computer. Prompter Peoples’ patent pending fresnel lens increases the size of the DV-9's 7.2" display 20% to give a full 9” effective image size for use up to 8-10 feet away. The DV-11 includes a larger 9" LCD that uses the same patent pending fresnel technology to create an 11" image that is readable to 10-12 feet.

The DV-9/DV-11 prompters can even be taken off the tripod and used handheld to give stunning moving shots. It can also be battery powered with a 12V battery for use outside. A car cord with cigarette adapter is included at no extra cost.

The FREE PC software accepts any text file from all popular word processing packages including Microsoft Word. Scrolling can be controlled by the mouse or the optional wireless controller. The wireless controller allows you to change scrolling speeds up to 50 feet away without wires to trip over.

When you are done prompting the prompter quickly disassembles and can be easily carried in a laptop bag. You can even use the high quality LCD display as an extra monitor on the set.

Test Whether the DV-or DV-11 is Large Enough - Print Out an Actual Size Screen and See!
The link below will allow you to download a PDF of the actual image size of the DV-9 and DV-11. Print out the PDF on your printer and tape it to the wall. Then walk back and see how far you are comfortable reading the text. The included fresnel magnifier will increase the image size approximately 20%.

DV-9 LCD Display:
7.2" Diagonal, Active Matrix LCD Color Display
2 Composite Video RCA inputs
12V power ( includes AC adapter and car adapter)
Flips image horizontally and vertically
Two video inputs, one mono audio input (use extra video input to monitor video)
Wireless remote control allows setup of all LCD functions
16:9, 4:3 underscan, overscan selectable

DV-11 LCD Display
9.2" Diagonal Active Matrix LCD Color Display
Inputs: VGA(up to 1024x768) and composite video
12V power ( includes AC adapter and car adapter)
Flips image horizontally and vertically
Wireless remote control allows setup of all LCD functions
16:9 wide screen

Hardware and Dimensions
Teleprompter weight: 5 lbs, 17" long, 10" wide, 10" high
6061 aluminum components manufacturer on Computer Numerically Controlled machines
All aluminum black anodized
Camera position is continuously adjustable via
No counterweights necessary
Includes mounting bolts to connect to user's quick release plate
LCD display and mirror frame disassemble with quick release thumbscrew
Includes 1" riser block necessary for some cameras - assures all MiniDV cameras will fit
Reflector is 60/40 beamsplitter glass 9" wide by 7" high
Lens hood Velcro's to mirror frame with drawstring to cinch around lens
Fresnel lens Velcro's onto monitor and increases image size 25% for effective 9" display size

Teleprompter Software
Requires Pentium 3 or higher CPU with 128M ram or higher and 2Meg disk space
White on black or black on white text user selectable
Accepts any text file (simply save Word document as a "text only" file)
User control over scrolling in forward or backward directions via keyboard or optional wireless controller
User selectable font type and size
User selectable Cue points allow instant access to pre set points in script
Highlight line or paragraph
Speech timer estimates time to complete reading. On screen display will flash to tell presenter to speed up or down

For more information, Contact PrompterPeople at www.prompterpeople.com