6 channel production intercom on the devices you already own.

As the cost of broadcast video has continued to decline, we realized that selling an antiquated old two-wire intercom system (something that probably hasn’t been updated since 1983) to a customer felt like a disservice. We realized that broadcast quality intercom systems were woefully behind the times. We wondered what an intercom system would look like if you threw everything out and started from scratch. And thus, Unity Intercom was born!

Unity00 600

A Unity Intercom system is made up of at least two parts: a Unity Server and Unity Clients. Using your Mac as a server and your mobile devices as comm stations and belt packs, a fully wireless system can be set up in minutes. Connect over Wi-Fi or cellular to your Unity Server to talk and listen on up to six independent PL (partyline) channels or have private conversations with individual users. Unity can also display camera Preview and Program Tally and integrates with existing hard-wired intercom systems that you may already own, letting you use Unity as a wireless solution.

Unity ServerUnity01 600

Unity Server is a lightweight client that runs in the background on a Mac computer and handles the audio and user permissions for each of the connected Unity clients. The Server is lightweight enoughthat it can comfortably run in the background while your Mac is doing other things like running lighting software or presentation graphics. You use the Server to add and manage user accounts and to configure additional, add-on features like Unity Tally and Audio I/O. Once everything is set up, you can click the checkbox to make Unity Server launch every time you boot your Mac and never have to interact with it again unless you need to change some of the setup as your system grows.

Unity Clients

Unity01A 375We have Unity clients for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. No matter which platform you're using, you can get in on the conversation with Unity. When a user logs into a Unity client they are presented with Listen or Talk selections for each of the intercom channels they have permission for. The large Talk button allows for easy access when you're busy paying attention to something else. There's a Program Feed volume control so each user has independent level control over the main house audio feed as well as a "cheat sheet" that shows the name of each channel. If the user is enabled as an Admin in Unity Server then they'll see the two red buttons at the bottom of the interface. The left one is All Page and allows that user to talk over all other users on the selected Talk channels and causes their screens to flash yellow. The right button is Mic Unlatch. Pressing this button will unlatch all open mics on the selected Talk channels. This comes in hand when a user steps away from their station and leaves their mic hot.

Unity Android and iOS clients are free through the Google Play store and iTunes Store.

Unity Desktop ClientUnity04 375

Since you're already sitting front of a computer running lights or computer graphics for the video feed you may as well be on intercom as well. Unity Intercom desktop clients for Mac and Windows allow you to stay in touch with the rest of the team without having to have your phone out on the desk. Just plug your headset into the compatible headphone jack on your computer, fire up Unity Intercom, and carry on with your production. Unity Intercom can be set to "float" on top of other windows so that you can push it into the corner of your screen and with just a quick click, have access to all of the features of Unity. Even better, you can assign a Tally ID to your desktop client so that when the graphics from your CG workstation go live on Program, your Unity desktop client lights up red. Now you have Tally on your desktop!

To watch the Unity Demo Video, click the frame below

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For more information visit their site at www.unityintercom.com or call 405-250-8923

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