Camera Motion Research (CMR) has introduced asked-for accessories for Amimon Connex wireless HD sets.

With CMR accessories the Connex can be used on any camera with HDMI out, to provide amazing wireless HD performance at an affordable price.Connex03 375

Connex sets provide LOS range of up to 3300 ft. LOS at full 1080p(60). They have 9 channels with automatic channel selection, and have demonstrated robustness in noisy 5 GH environments. Multiple units can be operated in the same venue.

The combination of Amimon Connex sets and CMR accessories are a perfect match for live High School zero latency HD transmission in the most demanding environments, indoor and outdoor, at a surprisingly low cost.

The Connex set price is $1599. CMR accessory pricing starts at just $188 for a transmitter battery cage with integral antenna mount, and 5 hr lithium battery. See the full line of accessories at HS discounts are available for the CMR Connex accessories only.

CMRLogo 300For additional information contact [email protected]
CMR is an authorized dealer for Amimon Connex sets.


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