The vMix GO v2 features compelling hardware and software updates for all market segments.

The GO v2 gives customers more of what they want, more storage, cpu, and software features.

The GO v2 has an upgraded internal storage of 500GB SSD, a new Skylake 4Ghz processor, USB 3.1 port for better connectivity, and faster DDR4 memory. These upgrades give the systemGOCS 400 added input, effects, and streaming capacity.

The GO v2 comes with 5 Virtual Sets from Virtualsetworks. Each Set contains 16 angles each for a total of 80 virtual set effects complete with virtual zoom, reflections, and video B sources - not the standard 2 or 3 angles. These sets can be edited right within the switcher UI giving the operator complete flexibility on the fly if necessary.

New features for version 16 of the software driving the GO v2 include MIDI Control, Tally Light, X-Keys, and ShuttlePROv2 support , higher bitrate replay options, remote desktop capture, and scripting support.

The vMix GO solves the perennial problem of how to produce a mobile production in a small footprint. All facets of production from switching and audio, to replay and streaming are contained in this single 8 input HD SDI portable production machine.

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