The last few years at NAB I’ve been more impressed with the lighting than I have been with all the other gadgets that have come out.

As LEDs have become more popular it’s driven companies to produce smaller and lighter lights that still pack a punch. Zylight is no exception to this, and this year theyZY01-325 unveiled the Newz and a new addition to the F8 line, the F8-200.

The Newz is an ENG style, camera-mounted light that is fully dimmable and has variable color temperatures from 3200k to 5600k. The unit only draws 15 watts and can be powered by either AC or D-Tap and has a tremendous amount of output. It’s a flood only light but ships with quick release barn doors that will help shape the 90° beam spread.

Zy02-325One of my favorite parts about the Newz is its build quality and versatility. The Newz is lightweight and folds down to fit in your hand. It’s water resistant making it perfect for both ENG shoots and for the indie filmmaker looking to steal a few shots quickly. The integrated articulating arm is extremely flexible, allowing the Newz to be placed exactly where you want it to be on top of the camera.

Along with the Newz, Zylight also revealed the new F8-200. If you’re familiar with the F8 line of LED fresnelZy05-325 lights, then the 200 is a welcomed addition; and if you’re not already familiar, then you should be. These LEDs condense down to less than 4″ thick, have super low power draw with a ton of punch, and are LEDs, so they don’t get hot like traditional fresnels.

Zy06-325The F8-200 has an output equivalent of a 400 watt HMI but can be run off batteries and still have all the power you’d want from it. As of right now it is only offered in either 3200k or 5600k, and they are working on an adjustable color temp model; but since it’s an LED it’s really easy to gel for whichever temp you don’t have. The F8-200 has full spot/flood capabilities and is water resistant just like the Newz.

The Newz is already available for purchase via B&H and will only run you $430, a steal for all the punch this light packs. The F8-200 isn’t available just yet, but will be soon; and it’ll set you back ~$2400 for the single unit. This may seem pricey, but it’s a solid light with a lot of power, and is 1/3 the price of traditional 400w HMIs. Zylight has more information, as well as comparisons, on both lights over at their site.

WidenHeadShot-175Jeremy Widen is a film and video professional now living in San Francisco. The creation of digital media is his passion. Movies, TV, animation, and gear feed Jeremy's hunger to stay creative. He graduated from the Art Institute of California- San Francisco with a B.Sc. in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. While there he received a top of the line education and a tremendous amount of hands on training which resulted in his feeling comfortable in any role on set. Widen moved to Chicago to further his education; and is currently a graduate of Columbia College’s MFA program for Creative Production. You can read more articles by Jeremy in SVN Student Filmmaking.