RØDE Announces New and Improved Blimp Windshield

The RØDE Blimp Windshield has earned its way into the rigs of many audio professionals, and has a reputation for being a reliable solution to wind and handling noise forBlimp-375 shotgun mics. RØDE has just announced an update that adds some attractive new features to the product. With this update, RØDE is clearly not looking to reinvent the wheel, but to simply make it more efficient at doing its job.

The Blimp’s handle now has a more ergonomic design, making it easier to hold for extended periods.

Like its predecessor, the new Blimp will fit RØDE’s own NTG-1, NTG-2, and NTG-3 microphones in addition to most third-party shotgun microphones up to 325mm in length. This new version is an impressive 25% lighter, weighing only 550 grams without a microphone inside, a feature most boompole-operating sound people will appreciate by the end of a shoot.

Unlike the previous Blimp, the new one boasts a Rycote Lyre suspension system, which provides improved isolation. The Lyre is a single piece of thermoplastic, and has no parts that wear out or snap. The Blimp’s handle now has a more ergonomic design, making it easier to hold for extended periods.

Blimp01-375In addition to RØDE’s range of shotgun microphones – the NTG1, NTG2 and NTG3, the Blimp also accommodates most shotgun microphones up to 325mm (12 ¾”) in length. It attaches to any standard boompole via 3/8" thread attachment at the base. RØDE also offers the Universal Blimp Mount as an option to remove the handle when the Blimp is being used primarily on a boompole to reduce weight.

Exemplary of RØDE's attention to detail, the XLR cable is housed inside the grip, and is wired with high-quality Mogami cable. A junction box splits the Mogami cable to the flexible, thin cable located inside the Blimp itself to reduce handling noise. As you would expect, the handle includes a 3/8" thread in the base for attaching to a boompole. If you’re going to use the Blimp exclusively boompole mounted, you can swap out the handle with the optional Universal Blimp Mount to reduce weight even more.

RØDE includes its Dead Wombat windshield, a caring brush (for the Wombat's artificial fur), and a tail/patch cable. Like most RØDE products, the new version of the Blimp has a limited 10-year warranty.

For more information on the new RØDE Blimp visit www.rodemic.com/blimp