Capture discreet audio with this clever lav mounting solution from Rode.

Lavalier microphones are a very common and highly popular way to record sound for interviews and studio setups, allowing you to get good quallity voice recordings without interferenceRodeMic from outside elements.  Typically lav mics are clipped onto an item of clothing to ensure they remain in place and pick up the sound well, however they can usually be seen on the subject.

The Rode InvisiLav is designed to aid the concealment of the micropohne with an all-new construction.  It has been produced using a medical grade skin safe material, and uses this pre-cut adhesive in such a fashion that it can be mounted either on all types of clothing or even on the skin.  While these have been designed primarily for Rode lavalier microphones, the InvisiLav will hold any similar microphone with a capsule head of up to 5mm.  Each InvisiLav features two mounting points for situations where a redundant microphone is required.

Available in packs of three or ten, the InvisiLav presents a very simple and rather elegant solution to concealing lav mics for interviews and studio work, all while doing so at, what is rumoured to be, a very attractive price.  The adhesive allows you to position the microphone under an item of clothing, or even on a persons skin, whout fear of irritation. Its soft construction even aids with reducing wind noise and vibration, ensuring you get the best possible sound.

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