Right out of the box the Padcaster is ready to use for professionals and amatures alike.

The Padcaster is a lightweight yet strong aluminum frame that comes equipped with threaded holes for all your needed production accessories. It also has a molded urethane insert that secures your iPad into place. You can attach microphones, lights, and Padcaster’s very own Lenscaster to the aluminum frame. The Lenscaster is a lens adaptor that fits right onto the corner of the Padcaster, over your iPads lens, and enables you to attach your very own lenses for a Padcaster01professional yet lightweight look. This also requires no additional tools which is always a plus especially out on location.

At first the thought of shooting with an iPad is a bit strange. But with more tools like the Padcaster and Lenscaster coming out it has become much more professional, but more importantly, efficient. While you’re able to shoot everything on your iPad and successfully fasten it to a tripod or shoulder rig with the Padcaster’s threads and locking pinhole at its bottom for stable shots. You can also edit on you iPad as well. Getting the job done with one handy tool.

The aluminum frame can hold multiple accessories anywhere on its total of fourteen 3/8-16 holes and ten 1/4-20 holes. The case also makes room for gaps so you have easy access to the iPad’s headphone port, speakers, dock Padcaster02connector, and power switch. Plus that’s not all the Padcaster can do. You can remove the urethane iPad insert, and turn your Padcaster into your very own DSLR cage. So for all the professional filmmakers, videographers, and people just starting out, this is a great tool to have on every shoot to attach all your needed accessories to.

The Padcaster is a great consumer tool for professionals and amatures alike for anyone in filmmaking or broadcasting. You can find the Padcaster at www.thepadcaster.com. It’s brilliantly conceived and a well-built product that will not only help get the job done but go above and beyond making it well worth the money.

LibbyBloodLibby Blood, Associate Editor

Libby Blood has a passion for all aspects of filmmaking. Throughout her four years in Advanced Media Production at El Dorado High School, she created countless PSAs, commercials, spot features, live events, music videos, and two award-winning short films. Now graduated, Libby is currently working on two feature films with well-known producers, as well as working with MTV Verge and Nick Cannon's Celebrity High TV. She is also stretching her wings with a full length documentary as well.