From time to time, the Editors and Staff at School Video News discover products that we believe you shouldn't live without.

Our newest "find" is Sportscaster from Henry Engineering, a long time developer of quality audio products.

For 2018, Henry Engineering proudly presents SportsCaster, a comprehensive audio system for managing all the audio of a sporting event video broadcast.

Sportscaster01 600

Covering live sports for TV requires a team of talent and tech. You need announcers (main and color), often a “field” reporter, plus camera operators, spotter, and a producer to call the shots and run the show. Communication between team members is absolutely essential to creating a polished, professional broadcast. Mixing the mics is the easy part. Providing integrated headphone audio and back-channel intercom between team members is much more difficult.

SportscasterAudioPath 600

SportsCaster solves the problem! It’s the “missing link” that ties everything together!

SportsCaster mixes your talent mics, provides headphone audio for the announcers, reporters, and camera operators, and includes a comprehensive intercom/talkback system so the producer can coordinate the entire broadcast. SportsCaster does it all, in one place with simple controls, and eliminates a carload of extra gear and complicated wiring.

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For more information on the Sportscaster and SportsPod visit Henry Engineering at

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