UltraLites are smaller and lighter than traditional cranes, yet have the same functionality - same boom, swing and tilt and in some cases Pan.

UltraLites allow the small camera operator DSLR operator to get the kind of shots that are usually seen in high end Hollywood productions using very expensive, very heavy, very complicated gear requiring a crew to transport assemble and operate. With UltraLites all those same capabilities are now available to the small camera shooter – and they can transport, setup and operate the crane simply without a crew.

Jibs01UltraLites were originally designed for the DSLR operator, who was taking advantage of the spectacular capabilities and full features today’s modern DSLRs offer. Since then goPros, smart phones, adventure cameras and Pocket Cameras have also found their way on BackPacker and CobraCrane UltraLites. We designed the UltraLites with all the professional features you would expect such as quick release camera support, quick release tripod support and of course both manual and automatic tilting. We made it easy to learn, easy to use, easy to transport, easy to store and easy to afford. We know you have to get in and out of your job with the least amount of effort and stress. UltraLites are so lightweight, they can easily be carried by anyone. They setup in 5 minutes or less, so you are ready and never miss the shot. They are operated by one person very easily. They telescope to as small as 44 inches so they are very easy to store. They are also super affordable. In many cases you can cover the cost of the your UltraLite jib the first day you use it. Further, when your customer recommends you to their colleagues because of how beautiful their crane shoot is, you will be profiting on the very next job.

BackPacker UltraLites are available in 5 foot and 8 foot sizes. Both telescope down to 44 inches for easy transporting and easy storage. Capacity for the BackPacker UltraLites are 5lbs, making them ideal for BlackMagic Pocket cameras, smartphones, adventure cameras and small camcorders. Weighing in under 5 lbs, the BackPacker UltraLite is even easier to afford, since it does not require an expensive heavy duty tripod like many bigger cranes, yet it can easily get your camera over 11 feet in the air.

CobraCrane UltraLites on the other hand are made of three 4.5 foot connecting tubes that come togetherJibs02 creating a 12 foot jib. These are offered in both single arm and dual arm configurations. The dual arm weighs less than 20 lbs, and can support a 14lb camera raising it up to about 15 feet. The single arm weighs a little less than 10 lbs and can raise a 6 lb camera to 15 feet. Both break down to 4.75 feet sections that easily fit in the optional padded carry bag

The CobraCrane UltraLites also support our mechanical pan head system, giving them smooth panning capability. Complete systems with crane, panhead, tripod, dolly and monitor are available starting at under $1000.