I never played football in high school, but I was at every game--as a member of the marching band.

Carrying my saxophone and wearing a colorful uniform, we would play pep tunes in the stands and perform shows on the field during halftime. Afterwards, the band directorHUDL01 375 would have us watch video footage from the stands and hold an open discussion on how we could improve toward a more polished performance. Because my line of vision was limited on the field, it was always a surreal thing to see this holistic, aerial view of everyone milling around each other. I imagine this to be the same case for the football players that we alternated the field with.

Productive football game development requires the active participation of its coaches and players to review their gameplay. Serious players need to develop this critical edge toward self-improvement--especially at the cusp of college recruitment. It’s hard to internalize one’s progress during the heat of the game. Rather, a compilation of highlight reels and post-game analysis could provide an enhanced learning experience.

HUDL03 375A simple all-in-one solution is the Hudl Sideline, which is a wireless monitoring/playback package that incorporates the Teradek VidiU in its “Plus” and “Premium” options. Initially, Hudl was primarily based within iOS devices. Someone could capture the game on an iPad or iPhone, send it to a central iPad (usually controlled by the coach), and distribute it to other iOS viewing devices on the same network for gameplay review. The addition of HD cameras mounted in the stands or on either sides of the end zone
(30 feet in the air) necessitated powerful encoders to ingest the camera signals, which is where the VidiU come in. The Teradek VidiUs establish a stable wireless connection to the local network, transmitting coverage of the game straight to monitoring iPads. This is vital for cameras mounted at unique, inaccessible locations (such as above end zones) and provide aerial views--something that can’t be achieved with cable-laden camera operators.

HUDL04 600

Coaches seek out Hudl Sideline because it provides rapid playback at a consistent, reliable rate. It’s a set up that is easy to use and provides a comprehensive look at how the players interact with the game. It allows players to learn from each other, develop their individual skill sets, and step out onto the field a little wiser every time. Football gameplay shouldn’t be watched passively by its participants. It should be pursued intuitively so that the optimal experience can be achieved.


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