As we get asked more and more to take the SVN Broadcast Center on the road, we realized that we need to present a more professional image.

Thats when we started looking for a step and repeat backdrop or banner. What, you ask, is a Step and Repeat Banner?

Basically a Step and Repeat Banner is a backdrop display that has one or more sponsor logos repeated in a step or diagonal alternating pattern. The purpose of a step and repeat backdrop is to StepAndRepeat-450 emphasize a brand name, company logo or sports team name during media press conferences, red carpet events and special events and is designed for photo opportunities. “Step-and-repeat” comes from the photoshop term used for the process of duplicating an object and spacing. You see them virtually anytime you see celebrities being interviewed anyplace!

Our search found several companies that can produce them, but only one, Event Step and Repeat offered everything we need:  Excellent quality, fast turn-around, and of course:  School-friendly pricing.  We immediately put in a call to Daniel who had a recommended design back to us with in 2 hours! We placed our order and it was shipped the same day.

Most popular sizes are: 8' x 8', 8' x 10', or 8'x 12'. Event's step and repeat banners are printed high-quality, 13 oz banner material and can be sewn, hemmed and have grommets applied. Outdoor backdrops generally last 1-3 years. Indoor backdrops can last a very long time, depending on the care taken to preserve them. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth or paper towel.

EventLogo-250Event Step and Repeat can also provide the hardware to support the banner and can also supply a red carpet!

For more information, or to see examples of their work, visit them online at or call them at 1-888-377-1377 | 562-270-0590