School Video News gladly accepts unsolicited article submissions from teachers, students, industry professionals and vendors.

Authors should familiarize themselves with the following information prior to submitting an article. The decision to publish an article rests with the editorial board.

Unfortunately, authors receive no remuneration for their submissions.

Topics and nature of submissions

Articles published in School Video News are directed to teachers, administrators, students, and others with an interest in TV/Video or Film Production. School Video News is not a research publication. Articles should focus on contemporary issues and be written in an interesting and informative manner. Current issues of SVN offer good examples of the kind of articles we are looking for. The following list of topics, though not inclusive, provides an idea of what may interest our editorial board:

• Articles that talk about activities and projects that you have done in your class.
• Issues dealing with student motivation.
• Coverage of events or competitions in which your students have competed.
• Curriculum and lesson plans.
• Resources you have discovered or use that will benefit others.
• Tips and techniques that you want to share.
• Ethical matters related to broadcast journalism, copyright or other legal matters.
• School profile.
• Association news.
• Technical how-to articles.
• Student experiences.

Email articles to: John Churchman, Publisher, at: [email protected]

Article format

• Length: 1000 to 1500 words
• Format: MS Word .doc file
• Margins: 1 inch on all edges
• Line spacing: 1.5, (left justification only)
• Font: 10 pt. Verdana (or similar)
• Language: U.S. English

Items to include with submission

• Cover letter: The following should be included in a short cover letter: (a) author’s full name, (b) email address, (c) telephone number, and (d) present title, degree(s) held (with abbreviations), and any institutional or corporate affiliations.
• The article with elements in the following order:
o Title (authors must suggest a title, however, editors may change it)
o Byline (e.g. “by John Galt, PhD”)
o The body of the article (1000 to 1500 words)
o References are not required, but if used, they must be properly formatted in APA style with in-text citations (see note below)
o Two or three lines of brief biographical data that can be used in the “About the author” section at the end of each article. Titles such as Dr., coach, etc. should be included in this section.

Note: The more images the better. All pictures or illustrations should be in jpg format. Cover images should be 940 px wide by 500 px. Images or graphics for inclusion in the article should be 640 x 480. We will resize as needed.

Submissions longer than 1500 words will be considered but SVN articles are intended to be short and useful.

Please direct any questions to [email protected]