Beachtek announces it’s new PRO5180 rechargeable lithium polymer 9 volt batteries to power their audio adapters and other professional devices. The PRO5180 is the world’s highest capacity rechargeable 9 volt battery currently available. Each battery will power one of Beachtek’s audio adapters for over ten hours. This eliminates the need to constantly carry and replace multiple batteries on long shoots.

The PRO5180 uses the latest lithium polymer technology for unsurpassed performance. They are rated at 700 mAh or 5180 mWh which is up to three times theBattery capacity of an alkaline type battery under heavy loads. Since each battery can be recharged hundreds of times, it will save thousands of dollars in replacement battery costs as well as the environment by greatly reducing the number of spent batteries that are discarded.

This product is expected to be released by Dec 1st, 2012 to leading audio and video dealers worldwide. The suggested list price of the PRO5180 kit with two batteries and a 70 minute universal smart charger is $98.00. Twin packs of the batteries will also be sold for $48.00.

Beachtek is the original and most popular producer of XLR adapters for DV camcorders and DSLR cameras. The company specializes in unique audio accessories for the demanding videographer.

Beachtek is located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. For additional information about Beachtek or the products that they offer, including full specifications on the PRO5180, visit their web site at or call 778-478-9872.

Key Features
• Latest Lithium Polymer technology
• Ultra high capacity – up to 3 times that of an alkaline battery
• Can be recharged hundreds of times
• Quick 70 minute smart charger
• Much more cost effective than alkaline batteries – saves thousands of dollars
• More environmentally friendly – each PRO5180 replaces 1,000 alkaline batteries