HiTechLogoHi-Tech started in 1984 renting video equipment to consumers to capture their theme park experience.

They then expanded into renting movies, transferring old home movies from film to video and small scale video production. What started out as a hobby turned into a multi-million dollar business when the owner’s need for the latest and greatest equipment evolved into a full service equipment brokerage and trading house, thus Hi-Tech Trading was born.

Since their start Hi-Tech has grown into one of the better known new and used equipment dealers, rental house, full service repair facility, and most recently has been producing their own line of products for IPTV live streaming.

Their continual hands on equipment experience gives Hi-Tech the edge when recommending and developing equipment to meet clients’ needs. They stand behind their products, have hands on knowledge of the products they sell, can provide systems design and installation, training both in house and on-line and they service what they sell. To cover all the bases they also offer a great rental line up, trade in program, and try before you buy.HiTech

Their latest product, Stream Breeze makes live streaming both easy to use and affordable. Packaged with robotic cameras you can have a full blown studio in a box for a fraction of the cost of competing products.

You can contact Hi-Tech for more information on any of their products including the StreamBreeze at 800-360-8086 or www.videoequipment.com.com or www.StreamBreeze.net