TSTlogoCompany set to provide digital services for High Schools and Associations.

Founded in 2004 as Team Sport Technologies, a small and fiercely dedicated core of people began building the company known today as TST Media. After steady growth for more than five years, the company exploded from 25 employees in early 2010 to more than 50 (and growing) during the summer of 2011.
The growth is two-fold – a assembled team of seasoned and hungry professionals combined with our constantly evolving and improving NGIN (pronounced “engine”) website platform. Originally, NGIN was gearedGS01 toward amateur and prep sports organizations as a platform to efficiently manage a team website with little or no previous technical knowledge. With this technology, organizations quickly saw the benefits of our sports specific products for hockey, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, softball, football, volleyball, swimming and more.

With a focus on prep sports and the SPORT NGIN software user, administrators are empowered to manage web content, regardless of their technical skill level. However, webmasters have a wide array of online tools literally at their fingertips, including:

• Inline Page Editing
• Multi-team Calendars
• Fine Grain User Permissions
• Sport and Team Management
• Communication and User Messaging Tools
• Real-time Scoring, Statistics and Standings
• Advanced Content and Multimedia Webpage Elements

Building beneficial relationships

With established company growth at all levels, TST Media now places increased focus on partnering with like-minded organizations. Most recently, TST and GrandStadium.Tv have entered a partnership to offer enhanced digital video capabilities to students, booster clubs and associations. . The partnership will leverage GrandStadium.Tv’s simple and easy to use video platform, but now with enhanced functionality using the NGIN platform.

“We believe strongly that the NGIN platform is the most powerful sports website and statistics systems in the market today. Recognizing the value that streaming video provides, Grand Stadium was selected as the partner of choice to provide this service,” said Justin Kaufenberg, Co-founder and CEO of TST Media. “The NGIN platform now provides the total live viewing solution, with the real time streaming video available alongside live statistics, player rosters, photos, and league wide results. This is truly a professional level live viewing sports solution.”

A partner offering professional production for amateur broadcasters

GrandStadiumGrandStadium.TV is a full-featured communications offering that essentially allows any school to become an online television broadcast station.  "GrandStadium.Tv is a video streaming service and program that allows schools to do real-time webcasting of sporting events for their local communities," explains Thomas Lapping, a founder of GrandStadium.Tv,  a Minnesota-based company that specializes in video streaming solutions and project-based learning curricula for K-12 educational institutions. "But, it also does something else that's tremendously important for schools in today's economic climate. It provides a revenue-generating opportunity, and one that's not limited to just the day of the game itself."

Unlike more technically involved video solutions, GrandStadium.TV requires virtually no upfront investment in either technology or technical training.  The key is the educational foundation on which GrandStadium.Tv is built.

"Because the design was made for educators, our orientation is to provide a curriculum for real world project-based learning so schools can not only reach their various communities, but do so in a way that preparesGS02 their students to work in an increasingly wired world," notes Stu Swartz, GrandStadium.TV's chief operating officer.  Students who participate in this form of project-based learning use real-world tools and technologies, from cameras and IP broadcast infrastructure to broadcast management and editing software. The programming they produce as a result not only provides entertainment to the viewing audience, but showcases their creativity, comprehension, and critical-thinking skills.

In addition to being a great, hands-on learning experience for students, it is also a great way for them to help raise money for their school via several fundraising opportunities, including:

• Pay-per-view webcasts
• Tools to facilitate in-line advertising
• Purchase of archived broadcasts in DVD format or as an iTunes compatible movie file coming soon.

The “Sports A.V. Club,” redefined

"With the basic student energy and enthusiasm that fuels popular social media such as YouTube and Facebook, a school can put its sporting events online using technology that's probably already resident in its multimedia department," Swartz explains.
With the partnership between TST Media and Grandstadium.TV, students and viewers can access an entirely new set of features with increased mobile accessibility (smart phones and Apple iOS products available this Fall).  There are additional key features students will benefit from:

• Set-up is quick and easy with a simple turn-key implementation
• Complete seamless integration between the NGIN platform and GrandStadium.Tv
• It will be easier than ever to shoot, broadcast and publish live streaming video content
GS03Integrated with the powerful SPORT NGIN LIVE and NGIN CMS, the GrandStadium.Tv platform, such as:

• Easy placement of video content on web pages
• Live video side-by-side with instant scoring, statistics and comments
• NGIN will be able to track fundraising monetization at a per-click level
• Controllable viewing permissions with powerful NGIN user permission functionality

For more information on the offering, the TST Media partnership with GrandStadium.Tv, please contact Isaac Sorensen at [email protected] or by phone at 612.379.1030 ext. 2144.